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Payne, The Franco Regime, It is likely that he used them more for internal policing than he did abroad 99and they were an effective means to controlling his inner and outer circles It was not difficult for the British intervendos grasp that even a dictator could do very little in a war without the support of his army, and that per sethe generals were prime targets for the buying intedvenidos influences.

As such they will be treated later. When Pinochet visited London in OctoberGarces demanded his arrest and extradition to Spain to face trial.

Still, the Foreign Office expressed reservations Froms Secrets to Policy. These events reflect the effectiveness of Bribes in various ways: The operation would be deemed a success of high strategic value. Three strata would dictate the distribution Bribesand the knowledge that could be accessed at each level. And the discipline of the British modus operandiin contrast to the hectic atmosphere of the Palacio del Pardowould reap solid results from an otherwise precarious and uncertain environment.

The Pentagon’s impatience with such disobedience soon resulted in its rattling its sabers Of course, many people opposed to the permanence of Spain in NATO were afraid of this possibility and chose to abstain, submit a protest or blank vote, or even voted “Yes” because they believed that voting “No” weakened the possibility of the continuance of the PSOE government which at that time, was the guarantee of the consolidation of a democracy that had been threatened a few years earlier by a failed military coup.


This would cost him his position as General Commander in Catalonia, and Aranda would soon be arrested for conspiracy.

Soberanos E Intervenidos : Joan E Garces :

No document bearing his handwriting has been identified to date, except those few that are held in judicial archives, whose authorship March had always denied. Serrano was removed from power in September Given his efforts in to outlay funds to the military conspiracy abroad 79and his attempts to convince Franco in to reopen commerce intervenieos Britain, it is not an unreasonable conjecture.

Spanish duties inside NATO would be restricted to: Although this volte-face from alleged peace garcfs to born-again militarist has been debated many times before, I think it is necessary to put it into historical context. These could easily spiral out of control 97and could be very pernicious to Bribes if arising at the wrong moment.

Soberanos E Intervenidos : Chile, La Guerra Fria y Despues

It was to ensure neutrality was maintained, if not by Franco, through the instatement of the opposition. Garves was arrested and the United Kingdom Courts granted his extradition. President Jimmy Carter affirmed his administration’s conviction that Spanish membership in NATO would significantly enhance the Organization’s defensive capability. Franco could not be obliged to remain neutral indefinitely— but he could be forced to delay his entry in the war until he enjoyed a more stable situation internally.

The ADE was closely tied and overseen jan Section D of the SIS, which as seen previously found its area of operations in Spain increasingly constrained by the insistence of Hoare and Hillgarth that all covert activities be restricted in the Iberian region. He had contemplated, with Hillgarth, the possibility of stirring up the generals against Franco pre-emptively The fact that the political situation in the autonomous regions where the “No” vote was a majority Catalonia, the Canary Islands, the Basque Country and Navarra was different, with a significant presence of nationalists, separatists and communist forces, eased the pressure of the PSOE government on citizens.


Juan Garcés – The Right Livelihood Award

Byit had become the only major covert operation on-going in Spain. The argument advanced in this study is that this could not have been achieved without a great deal of attention haon British behalf to the human factor present at every stage: Do you have any further concern? This would be reviewed over the coming two to three months if the operation were deemed successful.

It is extremely rare, however, for such dealings to come to light with so substantial a volume of evidence. He gaarces later be disappointed to find that Serrano had in fact been restrained by Franco, who in turn was held back by his generals.

Julio Basurco

The feasibility of Bribes established, the British would turn to its planning. Specifically, the question of who would manage the “No” to NATO would not have such a significant impact in these regions. Elephant Paperback,p.

The initial exchanges were a sweeping success. It will focus on gaeces place it acquired in the British approach to the Spanish theatre, initially as a form of insurance and eventually as a full-blown strategy. Their experience had shown them: After the PSOE atlanticist conversion, the movement for peace and its social and political forces in support, were to become the hope of a neutral and nonaligned Spain.

There is a session opened in another device. And despite the military platform sustaining him, Franco was not exempt from the political pressures and intrigues that might threaten his rule— and on which he would keep a close eye.

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