Jaya Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe Lyrics. Uploaded by Lakshmi Gamini. Jaya Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe Lyrics. Copyright: © All Rights. Jaya Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe Melodious song with Lyrics Imp Note: Once you install application it will download song from server, please be. Jaya Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe Jana vimochana Krishna Janma Mochana Garuda Vahana Krishna Gopika Pathe Nayana mohana.

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I hear this song again and again I dont know how many times. I wanna see that girl Hi Mohana Krishna, Please go through the post completely. To Download check the 5th line in this post. Ajya is the name of the little girl Are there any other songs sung by her.

Fanatastic bhajan i ever heard. I heard this in ETV Telugu ‘aradhana’ programme as a title song at 6. Beautiful song, composition and lyrics!! The little girl’s pronunciation is fantastic!!

Whoever she isshe will go a long way!! Its a lovely voice Let God bless this Child. No matter how many times, i keep listening to this always, it frees from all stress and tension. Does anyone know the kid’s name? Litterally fan of this kid.

I see my youngest daughter in her I dont have children how luck if i am blessed girl child same like her by god bless. I saved this song in my mobile as well ringtone and its going to be in kgishna mobile forever because its my all time favourite song.

She was 3yr old when she sung. The best song ever. Takes me to a different world altogether.


May God bless dis little girl. I never heard such a beautiful melodious cute voice I wanna c dat singer, i searched in internet but i did not get Blessed are the parents of this tiny tot. Well thats what music can do – transform a being.

And when such divine song is sung by a innocent sole imagine the impact. Janardhanaa cannot describe the vibrations i felt.

Well thats the power of music – it can transform a being. Blessed are the parents of this child – a gifted Perl. BLED of Refined lyrics, devotion laced voice of a innocent child, the paintings – what else can one ask for??

Bless the tiny tot. Beautifull and extraordinary songs Voice is cute, i like this song very much, music is also lovely. Its a Awesome song Plz mail the link on catchnatwar gmail. Lord Janardhana bless this gifted child abundantly. I was searching for this song from a long time, finally i got it here.


If any one finds any details of the sweet little girl plzzzzzz Her voice is Krishna’s grace. You are really amazing. I LOVE this song. My daughter 10 months old listen to this song atleast 5 times a day. So sweet voice she has GOd bless the little singer. Music with devotion praising Lord in any form with sweetness of young girl’s voice is deeply touching our heart and soul.

Music, the life giver Hi All, i am having a 6 month old little angel and whenever i put on this song she use to stop all her nuisance and starts enjoying this song. All these days i was very eager to know about this little singer, luckily today I got a chance to watch a live interview of this little singer in kannada channel Suvarna 24×7 new channel.

Recently one of the channel telecated this song and claimed that this is tribute to the little singer who was no ij. But in reality the little singer is alive!!! The little singer is badly hurted due to this nuisance telecast and Suvarna channel tried to give strength to the singer by arranging a live interview. The little singer name is Gouthami and she is from Karnataka.

Jaya Janardhana Krishna Radhika Pathe Lyrics

Right now she is balancing her singing career with her study. Truly remarkable voice with such clarity. Saw the interview on TV; that the girl lost her father at a young age and was brought up by her mother with a lot of struggle and the fact that she is concentrating on her studies as top priority is very touching. May god give her more opportunities. Me too watched live telecast of Gowthami Alive programme Today only me and my wife listen this song more than 20 times. Thanks for Suvarna Channel for reintroducing Gowthami and her song.

Her name was Gouthami. Thank u Shrinivas for supporting her This is the same girl who sang “Jaya janardhana” song, which has become hugely popular all over Karnataka But, due to mysterious reasons, rumours were spread that the singer of this song is dead And there were some news that this song was sung by a Malayalam singer But, all those things were false The Gowthami had come to Suvarna News There was a live program too Her mother accompanied her This program was done to prove that this talented singer is still alive and kicking Plz if any photo of that baby girl plz upload so many want to see that baby girl Became a best singer in future Thanks to you and the little girl Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavanthu!!


It was arsome song i ever heard in my life such a beautiful voice given to her child you know im always listen western songs oneday i heard this song from my cousin’s home i became big fan of her voice,you have a bright future my fav song in devotional is ghana ghana sundara in Bhaktha thukukaram sung by gana gandharva ghantasala after that i inspired by this one hats of to you and may god bless you and i want to your name I want to here more and more songs from your voice.

This divine song by this divine voice is mesmerizing all thoughts and brings in front the lotus feet of Lord Narayana. Im 9 months pregnant and have been constantly listening to this song so I can recite this as a lullaby once my baby is born. It is such a soothing and a wonderful song.

Thank you lytics uploading along with lyrics: Nice song sung by the little cute girl, hats off to her. My daughter who is 6 years old, is keep on listening to this song available on my mobile phone. Great combination Whose is this little girl??? Awesome, I can’t resist hearing this daily.

Telugu movie songs lyrics: Jaya Janardhana Devotional Song Lyrics of Krishna

God bless the little girl. Another song is sung by this girl Gouthami. Its another melodious track. I’m searching for the audio version, if any fins that, let me know Super job little girl and thank you divine brahmananda for this aphis awsome song.

I love it so much. Words cannot describe how happy I feel tflugu to this song. God bless the little singer with long and prosperous life. Collection Of All Spiritual Stuffs. Chants Email This BlogThis!

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