Documents Similar To Jerry Bergonzi – Vol.5 – Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies. Gary Campbell – Expansions. Uploaded by. Andre Linoge. Jerry BergonziVol 2 – . Regarding Volume 5 of Bergonzi’s Thesaurus of Intervallic melodies. What jerry suggested to me to start this book was take the first ten pages. Jazz theory and patterns by the saxophone master.

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Unfortunately they’re on a barge on the way to the islands.

What jerry suggested to me to start this book was take the first ten pages and sing them over a C major triad, then over E major and Ab triads then some minor triads, this way the ear accepts the jrry rub. A couple of these lines go a long way. I have also one question. I have the book and understanding what is going on is not a problem, playing the lines is not a problem, but trying to get them into your playing is another thing.

A student can see that with creative rhythms it is possible to make even a really angular line sound right. There’s so many ideas packed into these exercises And what do they mean anyway?

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Jerry Bergonzi – Vol.5 – Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies – Free Download PDF

That seems to work for me for now. Jerry described to me that the book is good for not only improving your technique and sight reading, but also breaking finger habits which we all have and developing a different approach to pitch retention. I use it as sight reading material with a metronome often. However there are many benefits to using this book even if you just play through a page a day, as I generally do.

This is really important with my doubles. Originally Posted by JimD. Does anyone have any experiences with this study, positive or otherwise?

I’m a bit confused with it. It’s really helping me with sight reading and technique. I’m assuming it’s random.

Last edited by Bub99; at Results 1 to 15 of Along with Tim’s advice another thing that is great that I was doing was if I had a long ride to a gig I would put on the CD that comes with it and try thfsaurus sing through the exercise to the CD while I was driving.

I use the book most often for pitch exersizes. Regarding Volume 5 of Bergonzi’s Thesaurus of Intervallic melodies. Just because you are a musician it doesn’t mean that you’re not expected to write melpdies introductions and explanations. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

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Bergonzi’s Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies

And also, just making me open up to different places to go. That reminds me I have to start meoldies that again! There are some great lines in there, but they seem to happen accidentally. I think that should help you dial in a little bit better with this book.

I have the book. It helps me know where I am with all my horns in terms of pitch. I’m thinking of spending some time with it. I mean, I can get tons out of the book by simply playing the lines, but I’d like to know what the text at the top of the ebrgonzi is really talking about. I think my brain just imploded!

Jerry Bergonzi – Vol.5 – Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies

All times are GMT. Sound guy theory of relativity: Just an idea- Try staying in the box sometimes-and pop and groove and burn. You know like all the intervals you hate on clarinet. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

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