Jingo (A Discworld Novel) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A weathercock has risen from the sea of Discworld and. Jingo is the twenty-first novel by Terry Pratchett, one of his Discworld series. It was published in The title can be related to the word jingoism, meaning an . I’ve made it clear that the earlier Discworld books by Terry Pratchett aren’t as good continues into the twenty first novel, and the fourth City Watch story, Jingo .

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Of course Ventinari does manage to get out of this mess because, well, he is the very definition of cunning. And who can forget rival prxtchett gangs putting their thumbs in their ears and chanting together a silly little nonsense.

Preview — Jingo by Terry Pratchett. It was published in So the jjngo that I ended up enjoying it so much, was a rather welcome surprise. But I never understood what whose magic caused that storm.

It is after all every citizen’s right to bear arms to defend what they consider to be their own. Kennedy from the Texas Schools Book Depository. Other thieves will be warned.

I just love how Pratchett gets sharper in his satire, more pointed, while retaining the slapstick. Spiderface William Mobberley 8. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book.


OK, so his father only had on The prstchett film of JFK’s assassination, allegedly, shows similar inconsistencies with the official account. Shouldn’t be on mingo favourites lists, but you needn’t actively avoid it when reading the Watch books.

Several classics of children’s literature — including Aladdin and Sinbad the Sailor — appear in this collection. Including one where she’s haphazardly knitting. We’re always one of Us. Jingo Annotations Information Quotes. After pratdhett while the dogs began to associate the ringing of the bell with food as indicated by their starting to pratchhett upon hearing the bell, even without food being forthcoming.

Samuel Vimes has become another of my favourite Discworld characters. Vimes may be my favourite single Discworld character, if I had to pick one. Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks. No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them.

Toy Soldiers – Jingo | Pratchett Job

He objects, claiming that only a King can make a Duke, but then realises that Carrot was speaking to Vetinari. Jun 22, Mark Lloyd rated it it was amazing. Jul 18, Melinda Snodgrass rated prratchett it was amazing.

But she’s a werewolf, so clearly she could just find the Watch, even in the desert Clute also compared Pratchett’s writing to that of P. On the other hand, the latter doesn’t exactly have an army to speak of The Klatchians would take one look at our weapons and run away The official account of JFK’s assassination describes how a bullet moved in some very strange ways through his body.


jiingo It was a bit confusing at times – I still didn’t completely get the whole business about 71 hours – hence four stars instead of five. For instance there are a number of characters in the Simpsons such as Reverend Lovejoy that I simply could not stand namely because there are people that are quite like him.


I’ve certainly never thought of myself as one of Them. After being assured that being dead was not compulsory, Mort accepted. In InterzoneJohn Clute described Jingo as fitting “seamlessly” into the Discworld, commenting that it does not “dishonour its predecessors in the series” and “is in fact better than most of them”.

A secondary plot featuring Fred Colon and Nobby Nobbs being shanghaied by the Patrician and Leonard of Quirm at first looks like mere comedy Nobby as the dancing girl Beti makes me laugh every time but turns out to be key to the solution of keeping both countries from destruction. Since Carrot is, of course, very much not the King of Ankh-Morpork his reminding of Vetinari is all that is required for Vimes to get his new position and rank.

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