About time I did another one of these: here’s Jordu, by Clifford Brown, on the second ending, and on the last measure of the form before the solos. The Berklee student who transcribed the chart in the early 70’s put a little. Massimo Malaguti is a drummer in Ferrara, Italy with 7 songs and views on Fandalism. Learning the solos of great drummers note-for-note is a great way of expanding Epic drum solo by Art Blakey on Curtis Fuller’s composition Buhaina’s Delight.

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Philly Joe Jones — Omicron This bar solo is filled with easy-to-hear, rhythmically precise phrases. Find all posts by Duck Tape. Send a private message to GetAgrippa. Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription. Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription Thanks again!

This is a great album to put on your headphones and play along the whole album. Notice the subtleties in the phrasing, accent placement, and over-the-barline rhythmic figures. I’m glad you posted the other version.

Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription Sweet, great playing. Send a private message to BacteriumFendYoke. For those who may not know, Buhaina is another name that Art Blakey adopted.

Pick any one of the 4-bar phrases, slow it down with a metronome, and add it to your drumming vocabulary. Philly Joe Jones — Hot Sausage The 5-let in the first bar is a very common Philly Joe Jones lick, which uses an inverted paradiddle-diddle sticking to take up one-and-half beats. The 5th set is a classic Max Roach rhythm.


It is clean, rhythmically precise, and easy to hear, making it a great solo to learn and memorize. Then back on Drummerworld the snare was dark again and back as it was. Philly Joe Jones uses simple and precise rhythms to ensure the band can come in cleanly after his solo.

Drum Solo Transcriptions

Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription Max Roach – Jordu drum solo this is my transcription and sticking https: Send a druum message to maxdrumusic. I liked the constant left hand thing, I bet that’s not easy. Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription Wonderfully authentic!

Learning the solos of great drummers note-for-note is a great way of expanding vocabulary, skill, technique, and attunement with your drumming heroes.

Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription – DRUMMERWORLD OFFICIAL DISCUSSION FORUM

Another great solo idea is to play triplets alternating each note between hand and bass drum, where the hand moves around different parts of the drumset, as in bars 7 and 8. While attending Duke University, my teacher Paul Jeffrey encouraged me to transcribe numerous solos, document them in musical notation software, learn them, memorize them, and eventually play them real-time from memory along with the actual solo.


If you feel benefitted by them and would like to make a donation using the button above, it would be accepted with gratitude. You can hear that Roy is playing the song form and quoting the melody joedu many points throughout.

Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription Here another version with a little different sticking and different sound https: I noted the snare head was different first and the more I listened I thought dang this is different am I losing my mind.

Find all posts by GetAgrippa. Your Playing Show us Your Playing. Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription I posted a question in the technique forum about using my left hand to play short fills – trascription video was the best answer to my question Max Roach – Jordu drum solo transcription Stellar playing.

Or learn the whole thing and play along with the record for maximum enjoyment.

A quintessential solo for building a nice vocabulary of ideas for uptempo songs. Duck Tape Platinum Member.

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