This book also recounts Joseph Ratzinger’s calling and ordination to the Joseph Ratzinger would go on to serve for over two decades as the Prefect of the . Milestones has ratings and 19 reviews. booklady said: Excellent! of man, Milestones is the early autobiography of Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger. By Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI). Rich in humor and culture, as well as passion and love for the cause of God and of man, Milestones is the.

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Paperbackpages. A rare mix of candor and charity, this book is an opportunity to know personally one of the truly great figures of our time.

Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977 – Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Cardinal Ratzinger wrote in his memoirs: As I point out in my book, what marked Ratzinger as a professor was his ability to promote genuine, open discussion and dialogue, as well as his dry wit and gentle humor.

Twomey, and spoke to jossph about his former professor, the theological vision of Joseph Ratzinger, and what he expects from the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. And it also is a small window into the behind-the-scenes discussions that occurred during the Second Vatican Council, and the glimpse it affords helps to show why those debates are still contentious five decades later.

As already mentioned, it is completely off the mark to portray Ratzinger as rigid, dour, etc.

Archbishop of Munich and Freising. I read this once before many years ago. IP Religious Ed blog. Send your comments or web problems to: Following his release he re-entered the seminary. Pope Benedict chronicles his life from the time he was born until he was created a bishop of Munster in His resignation became effective on 28 February More concretely, Ratzinger’s studies of the ecclesiology of Augustine shaped his own understanding of Church–including the role of the Eucharist at the core of the Church–and her mission.

What were some of the essential formative theological influences on Joseph Ratzinger? Generally speaking, Ratzinger was written off as a conservative, if not a reactionary, primarily because few bothered to read his writings–but also because of his task as Prefect, which was to determine the boundaries of theological investigation and discipline certain theologians.


In typical Ratzinger style, he blends the technical with the profoundly personal and spiritual. It dispels the media myths and legends, and it reveals the real Benedict XVI—a man of the Church who loves God and humanity, a scholar, a theologian, a teacher, and a humble pastor with deep compassion and profound spiritual insight.

There are some gems in these memoirs. What do you think are the most misunderstood aspects of Benedict’s person and thought?

And yet he has produced a vast corpus of writings on almost every jjoseph in theology–mostly of a fragmentary nature, but capable of inspiring future generations to develop his seminal insights.

Add to Cart Add. Ratzinger returned to the Gymnasium in Traunstein. It’s an easy read of pages. Toggle navigation Order 3 items and receive a Free Book! Pages using infobox author bibliography with unknown parameters. They were posted first to Ludwigsfeld, north of Munich, as joseh of a detachment responsible for guarding a BMW aircraft engine plant. My library Help Advanced Book Search. My own reaction was positive, since the main thrust of the lecture was to criticize European thinkers for leaving God out of the picture, of using a limited notion of reason that excluded the Transcendent, much to the impoverishment of society, and how poorly Europe was prepared to enter into dialogue with Islam as a result.

In he was released from the Flak and returned home only to be drafted into labor detail under the infamous Austrian Legion.

Milestones: Memoirs by Pope Benedict XVI

Aug 29, Rodrigo rated it really liked it. Joseph Milextones again returned home. How much more I see in it now! Account Options Sign in. Our parents helped us from early on to understand the liturgy.

Pope Benedict XVI bibliography

The French Academy honored him as the apt successor to Andrey Sacharov, the dissident atom physicist during the tyranny of the Soviet Union. What It Means to Be a Christian. In any case, these memories finish a long time ago, inwhen Ratzinger moved to Rome.

Why do you think, in particular, there continues to be this idea that Benedict is close off from ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue, in spite of years of writings that emphatically state otherwise? But just know what you’re getting into: He is expected to move into the newly renovated Mater Ecclesiae monastery for his retirement.


Pope Benedict does get josseph lay reader into the weeds a bit in his discussions of his career at university. Is it possible that liberal democracy could emanate, by itself a system o ethical jose;h moral values without the substract of religion? In the spring of Ratzinger deserted the army and headed home but when the Americans arrived at his village shortly thereafter, he was identified as a German soldier and ratiznger in a POW camp for a brief time.

It came as a great surprise to many that, in his homilies and talks since his election, the main topic he stressed was joy–the joy God intends to bring into the world through the Church. He left the city of Traunstein and headed for his nearby village.

Milestones: Memoirs, – Pope Benedict XVI – Google Books

After Joseph Ratzinger was elected pontiff infollowing the death of Pope John Paul IIa neighbor from TraunsteinElizabeth Lohner, then 84 years old,was quoted in the 17 April edition of The Times “Papal hopeful is a former Hitler Youth”asserting that “[I]t was possible to resist, and those people set an example for others.

His formative years experiencing the totalitarianism of a godless regime, exasperated further by being conscripted into the German army and concluding the war in Prisoner of War Camp, clearly influenced thinking throughout his life.

Why has it been such an integral part of his writings over several decades? You’d think a Pope who had lived in Germany in World War II and had been forcibly drafted into the German Army would have some interesting stories to tell.

The English title is included in parentheses. World War II portal. Salt of the Earth. Thank God that they, too, had had their fill of war and did not want to become murderers.

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