View and Download JVC GY-HMU instructions manual online. HD Memory Card Camera Recorder. GY-HMU Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: . 3ERIAL. HD MEMORY CARD CAMERA RECORDER. GY-HMU. INSTRUCTIONS. イラストは GY-HM に付属のマイクを取り付けた例です。. Buy: JVC GY-HMU Instruction Manual MFR: VDIJVHMU. Brand: Dish.

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Getting Started Main Features This camcorder enables recording of HD format images as videos or still pictures on an SD card, and also playback of these videos manul still pictures. Supports various HD video recording formats i, p, and p. Selecting a Focusing Mode Indicates the reference page numbers and reference items. Unauthorized duplication or reprinting of this manual, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited.

TFor detail, refer to the user guides for each application software. Attaching the Audio Unit The audio unit with handle is not attached to the camcorder unit when purchased. If placed on its side, heat release efficiency will deteriorate.

Holding the lens or viewfinder may result in damage. We do not guarantee the safety and performance of this device if a battery other than a JVC product is used.

The battery is not charged when purchased. Full Auto Shooting M: Focusing in progress Lights in green: Open the pad and adjust the gj-hm100u of the grip belt accordingly. Attach the supplied battery. With the battery mark D on the left, insert it into the camcorder, and slide it to the left. Lens Cover Before shooting, open the lens cover. When this camcorder is not in use, close the lens cover to protect the lens.

Doing so may damage the lens or the cover.

JVC GY-HM100U user manual

A specific function can be assigned to each USER button according to your preference. Viewing with the viewfinder Pull out the viewfinder. Gy-nm100u the viewfinder vertically to a position that enables easy viewing.

Turn off the power. The file name appears as follows. Specify the video system vertical resolution and frame rate for this camcorder. A Page 61 When settings in this menu are altered, the camcorder will reboot automatically.

JVC GY-HM100U Instructions Manual

Setting the recording mode Specify the horizontal resolution, frame rate, scan method, and picture quality mode. Set to the video shooting mode. Located at the rear and on the LCD cover You can shoot videos using any of the two buttons. Set to the still picture shooting mode.


Sub zoom lever on the LCD cover Adjusting the Focus Manually Preparation: Set to the video shooting or still picture shooting mode. Press the USER button that is assigned the feature. Adjusting the Exposure Manually Applicable to: Full Auto shooting mode A, Manual shooting mode M Generally, the brightness of the subject that is being shot is automatically adjusted according to the reference values of the camera.

However, the brighter or darker areas of an image may appear unclear depending on the shooting conditions. Shooting Displaying the Zebra Pattern Applicable to: Video shooting mode A Full Auto Shooting Mode M Manual Shooting Mode During video shooting, diagonal lines zebra pattern are displayed only at areas with the specified luminance levels.

You can specify the luminance level range for displaying the zebra pattern. Adjusting the White Balance Applicable to: Manual shooting mode M Set to the Manual shooting mode.


gyh-m100u Select a white balance type using the WHT. You can select one of the three white balance types using the WHT. Description Switch Switches to the white balance type that Gy-hm1000u not start recording during this interval. Adjusting Manual Gain Applicable to: Video shooting mode Manual shooting mode M Set to the Manual shooting manal. The light sensitivity can be electrically boosted using the GAIN switch when there is insufficient illumination on the subject.

Shooting Set to the Manual shooting mode. Set to the aperture adjustment mode. Press the IRIS button. Displaying the Color Bar Applicable to: Displays the color bar on the screen mankal starts recording in this state. See below There are two ways to display the color bar.

Shooting Audio Recording Applicable to: Video shooting mode There are three ways to input audio sound. Displays the time code. Insert an SD card, and select the card slot. INDEX A list of dates based on the date of the selected file on the playback index screen is displayed.

Set to the still mode during video playback.

Enlarging a Still Image Make use of the remote control. Set to the still mode during the video playback mode. Set to the still picture playback mode. Video shooting mode, video playback mode There are three video output terminals on this camcorder. Choose the most suitable terminal according to gt-hm100u monitor in use. Outputs composite video and audio signals. You can enable or disable the file protection feature, which helps to prevent a video or still picture file from being deleted.


The file protection feature is indicated on the camcorder as follows. Select [YES] to execute. Press the center of the Set Lever. A screen to confirm deletion appears. Push the Set Lever up or down to select an item. Push the Set Lever to the left or right to select a setting value.

The settings that are saved on the SD card can be reloaded on the camcorder. Preparation Insert an SD card. Stop recording if it is in progress. Next, press the center of the Set Lever. Menu Screens Setting Menu Screens The settings gy-hm10u saved in the memory of the camcorder, and will not be deleted even when the power of the camcorder is turned off.

Menu ty-hm100u vary according to the operation mode. Set to the operation mode you want to configure. Menu Screens List of Valid Menu Items for Each Operation Mode Although the menu items below are displayed on the screen, some of them may not be available depending on the operation mode. Video Menu Manuao Shooting Shooting Settings with the mark are default values. For setting the camera operation and image quality during shooting. Sets to a subdued cinema color.

A separate screen is displayed. A Page 38 Specify the photometry area. Color bars are output. Enables closeup shots up to about 80 cm. Item Description Items that are shaded are common to all modes.

For setting connections with external vjc. A Page 54 Use this item to save the current menu settings or camcorder settings to an SD card. Use this item to reset the menu and camcorder settings to their default values. Power does not turn off automatically. A Page 51 Gy-hm1000u deleting video or still picture files. If the problem persists, consult our authorized dealers or JVC service center.

Symptom SD card cannot be inserted. Power cannot be switched Shooting cannot be performed.

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