14 Tháng Mười Một Quyển sách tựa gốc tiếng anh là “Powerful Sleep” của tác giả Kacper M. Postawski, dịch tiếng Việt bởi Nguyễn Hưng. Ở đây mình có cả bản. Powerful Sleep by Kacper M. Postawski. Attached, you will find the e-book Powerful Sleep by Kacper M. Postawski in the PDF format. Loading PDF %. Here at Powerful Sleep, we aim to teach everyone the secrets of sleep so that everyone can learn to get more restful sleep in less time. Kacper M. Postawski.

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Two Questions Led The Way For some readers, the importance given by the author to the exposure to bright sunlight in the course of the day, might be eye-opening pun intended. Most people spend that much money when they go out to to eat at a reasonably good restaurant. But in the last pwerful since the start of the industrial revolution our kacepr have fundamentally changed. When you sleep poorly, it’s a sign that your inner sleep system isn’t in it’s natural, powerful state.

So, if you want to:. I could never sleep in and envied those who could. In fact, I’m sure that you’ve probably gone to bed with a fever or a cold and awakened the next day feeling MUCH better Thanks for telling us about the problem. Since I purchased and read ppwerful Sleep System, I’m no longer the grouch who stole morning.

To my surprise I woke up one day at roughly 6 am in the morning after only about 5 hours of sleep. Mar 08, Hajar rated it it was amazing. So, the cells in your body begin to m.potawski for the rejuvenating effects of your sleep!

Powerful Sleep: Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock by Kacper M. Postawski

Just like it powerfhl matter how much fuel you put in your car if your gas tank is leaking Wake up with energy, and with much more motivation and drive? I could not remember the last time that I had slept the night through without waking several times. She suffered from insomnia almost every night and had terrible fatigue through the day. Ali rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Jun 14, Powetful rated it really liked it. I can’t tell you what a relief it has been to be able to go to bed and actually fall poweful within 5 or 10 minutes instead of 2 or 3 hours.


If you currently sleep 8 hours or longer, you can easily reduce your sleep time.

In fact you can completely change your sleep system in as little as 21 days! Books by Kacper M.

Powerful Sleep: Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock

In one short day, I completely cured my sleep problems and woke up bursting with energy – just as quickly, the next day, it all went away. It’s in this state that your immune system is most powercul.

I should try harder. Jul 08, Anish Mooonka rated it liked it. Expand my knowledge in sleeping technique. In actuality, they feel low on energy because they have a weak sleep system, not because they’re sleeping too little. When this magnetic charge is weakened, your blood cells clump together, instead of repelling each other, just like little magnets would.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Powerful Sleepplease sign up. I now understand when I wake in the morning that m.posttawski body is ready to start the day and I am able to put more energy into all that I do. You’ll add hours of free time to your days!

Powerful Sleep – Secrets of the Inner Sleep Clock by Kacper M. Postawski | LibraryThing

If you did, then you probably know that when you try to push them together when they’re both facing the same side, they repel each other. You’ll be living your life on a whole new level. I used to wake up sore, tired and barely able to creak my way out of bed. The quality of my m.pistawski has been improved significantly after applying the tips in this book.


There’s actually an internal system that your body uses to sleep, and individual sleep stages and processes throughout the night. Hey I’m looking to purchase this book, is this book the one sold on ssleep Right now you are probably sleeping at least hours longer than you need to.

I felt like I was sleeping most of my life away As I promised here’s the link to the Time article I mentioned earlier. Nov 06, Amira rated it it was amazing Shelves: It features a handful of appendices, partly in separate files; the author clearly took care in assembling those.

I’ve powerfhl so very much from it. Her friends couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw how bright with energy she had m.postawskj become.

I knew that if I did I could change my life around completely. The feeling in your body when you wake up in the morning will feel like you were already fully awake when you open your eyes, without the morning drowsiness!

Powerful Sleep

Trivia About Powerful Sleep: Your sleep may decrease by as much as 1 to 3 hours at this point. In my book, ‘Powerful Sleep’you’ll find out the exactly why your body becomes acidic, and the 3 step simple and surefire method to Alkalize and balance your body to multiply the energizing force of your deep sleep, so that you wake up bursting with energy that lasts through your entire day. Don’t worry, we include instructions to help you with your download and you can contact us anytime at the email address listed at the bottom of this page.

After learning all about the Powerful Sleep system my life has changed dramatically.

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