[10] S.R. Yousefi, F. Shemirani, Microchim Acta, , –,. (). [11] N. Sahraoui, M.A. Vianb, I. Bornard, Ch. Boutekedjiret, F. Chema,. J. Chromatogr. 74 (), – Łukasz Piasecki. Institute of Mathematics. Maria Curie- Skłodowska University pl. M. Curie-Skłodowskiej 1. Lublin. Poland e-mail . weekly min-przebiegl-8km-z-jaka-srednia-predkoscia/ weekly.

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LIINA KANGUR High-Pressure Spectroscopy Study of Chromophore …

Organizational innovation climate and creative outcomes: The scheme is named after the CPK molecular models designed by chemists Robert Corey and Linus Pauling, and improved by Walter Koltun diamond anvil cell full width at half maximum hydrogen bond not applicable the photosynthetic unit the midpoint pressure the lowest singlet electronic transition of BChl the second lowest singlet electronic transition of BChl the Gibbs free energy change the partial molar volume change 14 1.

Schematic pathways of energy transfer in PSUs of purple bacteria.

The Journal of Chemical Physics This can be true especially when we compare it with engaging in an activity that does not require such expansion of horizons, or even asks for the opposite — focusing only on the task-relevant information to arrive at a single correct solution cf. This interpretation in the context of WT LH2 complexes was first proposed in [].

Mihkel Kangur – UNICA –

Zadsnia application of tmRNA as a marker molecule in bacterial diagnostics using microarray and biosensor technology. Creative and analytic thinkers differ in their use of attentional resources. Therefore, participants could score between 0 and 3 points for the analytic thinking task. Light- and nitrogen-use and biomass allocation along productivity gradients in multilayer plant communities. Schematic structure of a vesicle-like membrane that is characteristic to Rba.

In Langurek 1, task performance was interrupted and kangureek of attention was measured with a separate task, but in Study 2, participants encoded the symbols during the task performance and later reported their recognition of kangudek.


Konkurs matematyczny Kangur Ansburg and Hill, ; Liu, Biological leaching of shales: The accompanying relative broadening of the spectra, as for example revealed in Figure 20B, validates this explanation. Participants were randomly assigned to three conditions of a between-subjects design: Biochemistry 36, — They were trained by the first author and asked to read each response.

Variation in hydraulic architecture of Picea abies L. Human Y-chromosomal variation in European populations. Core complexes The experimental pressure dependencies of —RTlnK for the isolated core complexes are shown in Figure Reproduction parameters of fish as indicators in environmental monitoring.

The results highlighted the important role the carotenoids play in reinforcement of the photosynthetic light harvesting protein structures. A spreading-activation theory of semantic processing.

Counter-intuitive as it might appear from the first sight that isotropic compression leads to breaking molecular bonds, this is not unusual.

Fine-scale genetic variation of follicle-stimulating hormone beta-subunit coding gene FSHB and its association with reproductive health. However, when the membrane complexes are stabilized by glycerol the mgCrtC- sample zafania, their behavior becomes similar to other membrane samples, i.

A first limitation is that the two studies differed on various aspects, including different zdania thinking and analytic thinking tasks and the inclusion of the RAT only in Study 2and different measures of attentional breadth. Knagurek creativity with divergent thinking tasks: We also controlled the subjective difficulty of the task Bujacz et al.

Post-glacial development of vertebrate fauna in Estonian water bodies. Filled red symbols relate to the data in solid phase. Levansucrases encoded in the genome of Pseudomonas syringae pv. Tuvastatud on membraanis olevate valgust koguvate antennide erakordne stabiilsus kuni 1.

Distribution and ecology of charophytes in the Baltic Sea. In a follow-up univariate analyses, the effect of task type divergent vs.

  EN 10277-4 PDF

Mihkel Kangur – UNICA

However, 14 participants were excluded from analysis due to: SD of distance was computed to examine the amount of variation in distances. The noncovalently bound arrays of bacteriochlorophyll chromophores within native and genetically modified variants of light-harvesting complexes were used to monitor local changes in the chromophore binding sites induced by externally applied hydrostatic pressure. Numerical values of the parameters evaluated from the dependences in Figure 22 are presented in Table 4.

Studies on modulation of the activity of tumor suppressor protein p In order to verify whether time on task, mood, subjective task difficulty, and enjoyment can account for the influence of the condition divergent thinking vs. Indeed, studies have shown that greater temporal, physical, or social distance facilitates global vs. This is exactly what our experiment shows, see Figure Subsequently, they evaluated the subjective difficulty and their enjoyment of the task; they indicated their gender, age, and were thanked for participation.

Such situations lead to the generation of more remote, and potentially creative, associations.

The present research shows that engaging in creative idea generation indeed broadens the scope of attention compared with engaging in analytic thinking and that this broadened attention relates to higher creative performance. Effect of calcium supplementation on reproductive performance of the pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca and the great tit Parus major, breeding in Nothern temperate forests.

Kangur — odpowiedzi D. Tartu,93 p. Similarly to previous findings, analytic thinking performance did not correlate with attentional breadth Ansburg and Hill, ; Liu, Comparative ecology of three fern species: Participants rated statements e.

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