Well, during my shop search a dealer offered me a Kawai CA65 for $ less than a Kawai CA It’s new aswell, probably left from an old. The new Kawai CA65 and CA95 models replace the previous CA instruments, of which the CA93 was named one of the top 20 products in the. Kawai CA65 average used price. Warning. The prices quoted in the private classified ads on Audiofanzine are not necessarily the actual retail prices.

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Having said that, we kwai need to treat ourselves now and again, so if your heart is set on the idea, then go for it.

KAWAI CA 65 Digital Piano

You already have a great instrument that is good for pretty much any repertoire and you won’t get much from the upgrade. I recently bought a Kawai CA65 secondhand.

No use in still answering the months old original question A student who would have to save up to it flipping burgers for a year, I cq65 say no.

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Kawai CA-78 B negro

As always, these are personal decisions. I would focus on playing the pieces rather than worrying about the piano itself. Originally Posted by ADWyatt In the final post regarding the possibility of upgrading my Kawai CA65 to a higher grade DP, I told my teacher that I’d thought of making a lifetime purchase in a year or so to a digital piano with true acoustic grand action.

I’m sure most people who aren’t connoisseurs would have a hard time hearing an upgrade from the ca65 to the ca Originally Posted by ADWyatt. Subscribe Piano World PianoSupplies. Rich Sound Selection Supplementing the beautiful acoustic piano voices, the Concert Artist also features an excellent selection of additional sounds, ranging from electric pianos and drawbar or church organs, to strings, and other instruments, inviting musicians to ca56 variety to their performances.


Grand Feel keyboard action Embracing many of the long-established principles associated with an acoustic piano, the new Grand Feel keyboard action utilised by the latest Concert Artist combines realistic materials, motion, and mechanism to recreate the exceptional touch of the finest concert grand pianos. I’ll take it up with her.

Only he can tell, after testing the new model.

Kawai Announces the CA65 and CA95 Digital Pianos

An inch here or there. Just stay with the CA65 and keep your money for something in a different class, like the Novus or Avantgrand. The sound is ‘better’ in a Triple-sensor key detection Complementing the grand piano-class key pivot length, the Grand Feel action also features a new triple-sensor key detection system for enhanced playing realism.

Might be worth it, depending on your taste. And it is this important personal connection that ultimately allows pianists to relax, and lose themselves in the joy of making music.

If you’re a beginner, I think it’s wise of the teacher to put you off of trying caa65 make a “lifetime purchase” now. Superior speaker system The model CA65 features high fidelity speaker system that has been specially designed to deliver deep bass and crisp treble frequencies.

Kawai CA65 average used price

These useful connectivity options allow the instrument to be enjoyed in larger settings such as churches or school halls, and provide greater flexibility when using computers and other audio devices. Let me add a slightly different opinion: Kawai America should be able to provide technical assistance.


Hand-built by Master Piano Artisans at the Shigeru Kawai Piano Research Laboratory in Ryuyo, Japan, each EX instrument undergoes a meticulous regulation and refinement process within a specially designed anechoic chamber. Players can perform touch and voicing adjustments, regulate hammer and key release noises, and fine-tune string, lid, and damper resonances.

For them it was obviously worth it and the money involved had less significance than it would have had for a poorer person.

Originally Posted by HoangCosmic. Furthermore, the Dual playing mode also allows two different sounds, such as grand piano and strings, to be layered together, while the Split and Four Hands modes kawa the keyboard into two independent sections.

caa65 Folks, read the replies! This will give you sounds that are significantly better than the ca The new Concert Artist offers a highly detailed acoustic portrait, with Harmonic Imaging XL technology ensuring smooth tonal transitions across the keyboard and throughout the entire dynamic range. If there’s something you don’t like about your CA65 or that you really want with the CA78 that’s driving you to upgrade, that’s one thing, and only you can say whether it’s worth it to make you happy.

There is not a big step between the built in sounds. If this is kaaai for whatever reason, it will need to be reattached.

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