Language English. Keithley: DMM Instruction Manual. Identifier keithley_DMM__Instruction_Manual. Identifier-ark ark://t8kd5tt7c. Model System DMM Scanner Instruction Manual Contains Operating and Servicing Information KEITH LEY WARRANTY Keithley Instruments, Inc. warrants . Keithley Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley Instruction Manual.

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Uprange A — increments the range and also cancels autorange if selected. Prefixes are the mnemonics preceding the reading and the buffer memory location. The Model will return to either factory default conditions or user saved default conditions.

These levels will not be cancelled by switching back and forth between functions. The connector is designed to be stacked to allow a number of parallel connections at one instrument. See Model 1199. The basic procedure is outlined below. SRQ Mask— The Model uses an internal mask to deter- mine which conditions will cause an SRQ to be generated, figure shows the general format of this mask. The following paragraphs discuss each of these messages in detail.

These messages are intended to inform you of certain conditions that may ocair when sending device-dependent commands to the instrument, as summarized in Table The data can be recalled as outlined below.

Press the desired numeric key to dose that channel.

Note that the instrument may be programmed for more than one set of conditions simultaneously. Diode Test— The 3kfi range can be used to test diodes as follows: Conunands sent without the execute character will not be executed at that time, but they will be retained within an internal command buffer for execu- tion at the time the X character is received. Test Instrumentation Group AM rights reserved.


Keithley 199 Manuals

The two filters include the inter- nal fitter and the front panel filter, as described below. If an additional instruction manual is required, order the manual package Keithley Part Number The generator frequency now represents the upper half-power, or -3dB response point of the amplifier. During Ae warranty period, we will, at keithey option, either repair or replace any product that proves to be defective. Serial poll the instrument.

Power Supply Checks For higher gains, the values must be computed manually. Take the reading from the display. It helps to shield resistance greater than lOOkfl or anytime 4 Vs. Energize keihtley circuit using the installed connect- disconnect device and make measurements without disconnecting the DMM. Many times, little “tricks” are necessary to obtain the desired results. Effects not noticeable when working Thermal EMFs— Thermal emfs thermoelectric potentials are generated by thermal differences between the junction of dissimilar metals.

Keithley: DMM Instruction Manual : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The value command may take on either of the following forms: Decimal values for the various bits keithlley sununarized in Table NOTE; Error messages associated with translator software are located in paragraph 3. The error trigger will be ignored. Command strings sent without the execute character will be stored within an internal com- mand buffer for later execution. Refer to paragraph 3.


To modify the address, key in a new value with the numeric data buttons. To remove each block from the card, simply pull on the attached handle until it comes free of the card. Net weight 3kg 6 lbs. The continuous trigger mode is the fac- tory default.

Keithley: DMM 199 Instruction Manual

Now, enter the follow- ing statements into the computer: Input connections for 2-wire ohms measurements are shown in Figure and To avoid this error condition, use only valid command op- tions, as discussed in paragraph 3. In the examples shown, the default Model address 26 is shown. Conversely, operating the instrument with the front panel filter on FUR on will increase the minimum interval times. Recommended for best accuracy. Calculate Q by using the following formula: For best results on the Q, 3k2 keithleu 30kQ ranges, it is recommended that 4-terminal measurements be made to eliminate errors caused by the voltage drop across the test leads which will occur keuthley 2-tenninaI measurements are made.

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