Ken Bakeman’s experiences with Reptilian friends and foes. View the profiles of people named Ken Bakeman. Join Facebook to connect with Ken Bakeman and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. LIZARD PEOPLE IN PORTUGAL An Invasive Mind Scan Carried Out by Reptiliansby Ken Bakeman INTRODUCTORY COMMENTS ABOUT.

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Where is the enigmatic Ken Bakeman?

I say the notion is actually preposterous. Many people have perhaps flocked to my website in the premature expectation I might be him. Perhaps high up on the Rocky Mountains given the terrain is favourable, but other fingers bakemaan to uncharted Antarctica.

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No mystery, no actual choice in the matter, just simple observation.

Even so intuitive faith will provide logos when administered sincerely. From the little I have read, Ken never challenges belief systems. Having the ability to read energy keen gives me a distinct advantage over other would be investigators that look at matters such as these. I mentioned before about truth givers risking jail for self-expression.

Illustrations by Ken Bakeman – Graham Hancock Official Website

In the universe the Mantis are decision makers. The natural duck will never bark like a dog.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Where there once were eyes that no longer function, perceptions are acutely altered. Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, who was also abducted once, noticed the same thing: Reptilians began ruling over their creators from then onwards. Be that as it may, they were to eventually run into Earth about eighty or eighty one million years ago. The truth is often found in unseemly places, but I think, in this case, correct assessment will plausibly entertain the wilful rational mind.

The rather obvious gaping flaw with the whole thing is the human componentof course. Albeit the former signifies philosophic intent and the latter refers to proto-physical infrastructures, they are the same.

Moving On With Ken Bakeman Over Christmas | I am Exopolitician, iXossana reincarnated

For instance, no one has ever revealed the special relationship between Pleiadians remnants of Atlantean version six human genetics and dolphins before to my knowledge.

Ken also touches on this with some of his muted inflections.

It brings up the question of what souls inhabit these hybrid bodies. They are flawless because the universe simply records what was in impeccable detail. I think I have covered all that needs to be said in finishing off the work I began last articlemy second Ken Bakeman expose. In my ongoing quest to find Ken Bakeman, I have no happy ending.

Only by harnessing a compatible, non-conflicting group identity could communism succeed. Christmas Cash ozziethinker I just found this post.

The obvious flaws with operational strategy can be found in two basic accounts. This is not a question of belief, but of knowledge. What greater power is there than to have access to the whole truth and nothing but the truth? After the resulting complete destruction of the main technological city which incidentally is located under the Arctic Circle today chaos ensued.


Things now tick along in similar fashion to reptilian-Ciakar society.

Moving On With Ken Bakeman Over Christmas

They come and they go. It can leave a human drained and weak and even feeling sick. In order to block external forces, they created a third light source. Earlier, I talked of mimicking Ken Bakeman. If you are not the copyright holder or its agent and if the content is clearly infringing the copyright of a well-known work, please select “Infringes a well-known work” from the dropdown menu.

There is a problem with this calculation. A hybrid that is indistinguishable from a normal human in outward appearance, but having very strong psychic abilities. The most important archangel specifically in relation Earth was Lucifer. We write differently though. But this judgement turned out to be incorrect and wrong as the perfection of existence relies on absolute recycling without post mortems.

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