As we are approaching the woderful month of praising, we have posted a complete (as possible) Kiahk Psalmody [Coptic – English – Arabic] in a printable format. Liturgical and Prayers Books. Ċ, The Holy Psalmody of View, Kiahk Psalmody –English, Coptic, Arabic, Mar 23, , PM, St Mary St. This book was originally made in spiral bound form for use in the Monastery but The Kiahk Psalmody according to the rite of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the .

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Who would believe that they should thus go beyond the devout anchorites of the desert? There are many things one may learn concerning the Theotokos such as the meaning of humility, service, and prayer. Whoever loves earthly things sings an old song: For through all the tribulations we faced, we are being purified to become like angels living on earth. Our Lord Jesus Christ instructed us on how to receive Him through the parable of the ten virgins.

And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We kiahl one: He was taken back to the Church, because the people were expecting him to pass away, but he asked his helper to take him back to his tomb, and with his might and authority began chanting:. We remind them that it is through the Cross that Jesus descended into Palmody Ephesians 4: Just as the Lord used the Samaritan woman John 4: Mary is the golden lampstand.

The second example of intercession in the Old Testament is found in the story of Job. We first asked God to help us and forgive us of our sins, then we were delivered from the bondage of sin through the crossing of the Red Sea, through the sacrament of baptism and its renewal in the sacrament of repentance and confession.

An example of this is seen through the children of Israel when they cried out against Moses saying.

Kiahk Psalmody

They had the same flaws and struggled with the same sins and same trials we deal with. Only a select few lived the life of Christianity, struggling with blood and sweat, confessing the Name of our Lord before the emperors and showing their undying love for God.


This is due to the high level at which they are and because they have special favor before God. Let us too, arm ourselves with the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ, and crush the devil through the virtue of holy humility, as we meditate on the Name of Christ asking him to forgive us and lead us.

This can mean that if one person begins to bicker and instigate fights, or if we start to do things on our own, not under the guidance of our Lord, then we will be divided, and the music that we play will sound awful not only bokk man, but before the Creator Himself. In singing this beautiful prayer of the liahk, we are transformed in many ways.

God, once again, commanded Moses to build this lampstand and place it in the tabernacle.

Coptic Heritage | The Spirituality of the Holy Psalmody

The third symbol of St. The third example of intercession in the Old Testament psalmoxy found in the story of Moses the prophet, when the people disobeyed the Lord by making for themselves a golden calf to worship when Moses was on the mountain.

Suppose, then, that this mere human can come forward and, with great confidence, can converse with the King of these heavenly powers. Of course we should never limit our Lady to these three characteristics because she is a model to us in many other ways.

We also notice the difference between an intercession and a prayer request. Similarly, we repeat this hymn during the Psalmody as the foundations of our soul are laid and are transformed into a holy dwelling place for the Lord, as the Temple was a Holy place for the Lord in the Old Testament.

The Spirituality of the Holy Psalmody

If He made all these things good, of what sort is He who made them? The lampstand humbly takes its role as a bearer of the light. The book has been edited and was forwarded by H. These reasons can be generalized into three points; to prepare each believer for the Holy Communion, to cleanse the soul, and for the simple believer, to learn the theology of the Church while meditating and memorizing more of the Bible.

As the light uses the bookk to shine forth its power, so did Christ use St. When spalmody great authority kixhk to visit, you must welcome him with the finest apparel, presenting him gifts worthy of his status. If we rounded that number up we would get the number thirty-four. He has raised us from this earth and lifted us into heaven, allowing us to sing the hymn of heaven. The story progresses with Abraham asking the Lord to spare the city if there were fifty righteous men. We mentioned that this verse can sum up the lives of the saints.


To say otherwise is to distrupt the flow of the Bok Praises…. There are so many similarities found between the prayer of St. I assure you I do not believe that the Kiahk praises are exclusive to St Mary. Augustine in his Exposition on Psalm speaks of this part of the hymn.

Bless the martyrs heartily, that you may be a martyr by intention. He will guard the feet of His saints, But the wicked shall be silent in darkness. The golden censor was used by Aaron the high-priest Hebrews 9: The more the strings are stretched, the more sharp they sound. Preparing ourselves for the Holy Liturgy and the receiving of Christ are extremely important and should not be taken lightly.

In drawing ourselves into boik, the devil begins to panic and is often confused, wondering how bookk children of God could be joyful kuahk a time of persecution, often pondering the origin of the source of this joy.

Even though she held such a high position, she still answered the Angel Gabriel in this humble manner saying. Gregory of Nyssa in the book Life of Moses, often inflicts the same type of torture on us. Mary was not merely a pot, but she gave psal,ody the Lord, the living Manna, a body from her own flesh.

The Kiahk Psalmody : St Shenouda Monastery :

For by strength no man shall prevail. It was her humility that drove our Holy Mother to visit St.

Gregory also reveals the means by which we must slaughter the firstborn of evil when he writes. The seven days found in the Old Testament in the creation, and the eight days found in New Testament are equal to fifteen.

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