Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication with the Dead [Konstantin Raudive, Joyce Morton, N. Fowler, Elizabeth Coxhead] on. His name was Konstantin Raudive, and he called his technique The book, called Breakthrough, went ahead, and EVP was on the scene. Breakthrough: An Amazing. Experiment in Electronic. Communication with the Dead. By Konstantin Raudive Ph.D. (shown at left). • Translated by Nadia Fowler.

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This method simply entails having a recorder with a microphone attached to it. Raudive was fascinated that Jurgenson claimed to have recorded the voices of dead family members and well known people from the then recent breakthruogh such as Hitler and Goring. Learn how your comment data is processed. A good portion of the independent listeners were personal friends.

Raudive studied parapsychology all his life, and was especially interested in the possibility of the afterlife. The voices that are picked up by this method were described as having an immediate impact while being remarkably clear without rauddive microphone being present.

As history has shown us, there was something more to be discovered.

He was ultimately put to the test in a controlled experiment after the publication of his book. In the analog age that Raudive was in, a device to convert sound raudife electrical energy was needed and the microphone allowed for Raudive to not only speak his questions, but also record the answers from the other side.

In this method, which was described as problematic at best, a frequency was added to a radio signal.


The people who think they tune into dead voices

The static konstangin was then channeled into the input of the recording device. Raudive knew that he needed to investigate this further in a more controlled environment away from Jurgenson while using his own equipment.

First Radio Interview of Born in Latvia, he spoke fluent Latvian and Russian. Today, with the advent of the digital age, most recorders have a built in microphone so purchasing an external microphone is brealthrough necessary.

Prior to his career in parapsychology, Raudive was a respected psychologist who learned from great C. These independent listeners had skills that were quite varied.

Konstantin Raudive and His ITC EVP Breakthrough • ITC Voices

Have Your Voice Heard! So a session may have one mic for Raudive and another set on the table for the spirits to speak in to.

Unfortunately, this was not developed by either of these researchers. He insisted upon documenting the people at the session and the date and time the session took place; he insisted upon limiting distractions and unnecessary conversation; he also recommended limiting recording times to under fifteen minutes due to the long hours it requires for playback examination.

A second method was the use of a diode which subsequently became known as simply Diode Recording. Raudive had a penchant for languages. Over people were involved in his research, and all apparently heard the voices.

The fifth and final method of recording was discovered by accident, and it is the method that is used by ghost box researchers around the globe today. He thought some of which were in German, some in Latviansome in French. August 29, at 3: Another fact that many people do not know is that the classifications of EVP A, B, and C were also created by Raudive to label his microphone — recorder sessions.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Raudive was a scientist as well as a practising Roman Catholic. Retrieved from ” https: I find that it is not uncommon to spend over an hour examining every minute of recorded audio.

The engineers heard nothing while the session was being recorded. What made this form of recording most interesting is that the diode was short enough to only pick-up broadcasts from within the room in which it was placed.

He connected this diode receiver into his recorder and recorded numerous voices. Pye Records had a long list of recording artists at that time and their British studio provided a pristine recording environment for EVP experimentation. He then began conducting sessions were a microphone was placed in front of the radio speaker and another was used for speaking.

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During the session, it was impossible for outside voices to be present within the sound-proofed walls of the studio.

In all, Breakthtough is responsible for being the first person to thoroughly document his foray into EVP. His feats were numerous. Raudive accepted the challenge and conducted an 18 minute experiment with the audio engineers.

When he played the tape over and over, he came to believe he understood all of them.

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