This manual, the infamous KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation, dated July , is the source of much of the material in the second manual. KUBARK. Its purpose is to provide guidelines for KUBARK interrogation, and particularly the counterintelligence interrogation of resistant sources. This page report, classified Secret, was drafted in July as a comprehensive guide for training interrogators in the art of obtaining.

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The end of an interrogation should be planned before questioning starts.

In contrast to their earlier demeanor, they are now relaxed and smiling. Defectors of this type feel aggrieved because their desires were not satisfied in their countries of origin, but they soon feel equally deprived in a second land and turn interrogxtion its government or representatives in the same way.

Whether the furniture should include a desk depends not upon the interrogator’s convenience but rather upon the subject’s anticipated reaction to connotations of superiority and officialdom. Andrzej Jeziorski rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Physical pain, however, is ultimately deemed counterproductive by the manual.

He will feel more and more drawn to the questioner or increasingly antagonistic.

Soon after, the U. When interrogated, the exceptions are likely to make demands for money, resettlement aid, and other favors — demands that are completely out of proportion to the value of their contributions. counteeintelligence

U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals – Wikipedia

Perhaps the best advice is that counyerintelligence interrogator, once alerted by information from the screening process see Part VI or by the subject’s excessive preoccupation with moral judgements, should treat as suspect and subjective any information provided by the interrogatee about any matter that is of moral concern to him.

It is a profound mistake to write off a successfully resistant interrogatee or one whose questioning was ended before his potential was exhausted.

He is — and always has been — intensely concerned about his personal possessions. Gross lies about deeds of daring, sexual prowess, or other “proofs” of courage and manliness are best met with silence or with friendly but noncommittal replies unless they consume an inordinate amount of time.

And like all other typologies, the system is plagued by overlap, so that some interrogatees will show characteristics of more than one group. Obviously, many resistant subjects of counterintelligence counterintelligencd cannot be brought to cooperation, or even to compliance, merely through pressures which they generate within themselves or through the unreinforced effect of the interrogation situation. The choice of methods depends in part upon the answer to this question.

The CIA Document of Human Manipulation: Kubark Counterintelligence Interrogation Manual

The second temptation to avoid is the natural inclination to resort prematurely to ruses or coercive techniques in order to settle the matter then and there. The chances of failure in intfrrogation unplanned CI interrogation are unacceptably high. Therefore the interrogator must not become hostile if confronted with initial hostility, or in any other way confirm such negative attitudes as he may encounter at the outset.

  IC CD4538 PDF

Military Training and Political Violence in the Americas. The kinds of questions asked, the methods employed, and even the goals sought may be shaped by what will happen when the end is reached.

MDR for Full Text of July 1963 “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation” Manual

If others have accused the interrogatee of spying for a hostile service or of other activity which he denies, there is a temptation to confront the recalcitrant source with his accuser or accusers.

If he meets truculence with neither insincere protestations that he is the subject’s “pal” nor an equal anger but rather a calm interest in what has aroused the subject, the interrogator has gained two advantages right at the start. The examination of his bona fidesaccordingly, is often less searching.

Matt Fulton rated it liked it Jul 17, If you’re interested in reading and downloading a copy, I found a three part copy here: Edited tape recordings which sound as though A had denounced B may also be used for the purpose, separately or in conjunction with the written “confession.

If during screening or any other pre-interrogation phase it is ascertained that the source has been interrogated before, this fact should be made known to the interrogator. It is also essential that the interrogatee know or suspect that the witness may be in possession of the incriminating information. And for interrogation purposes the ways in which he differs from the abstract type may be more significant than the ways in which he conforms.

All non-Communist services are bothered at times by disgruntled exinterrogatees who press demands and threaten or take hostile action if the demands are not satisfied. The interrogator should decide whether a confession is essential to his purpose or whether information which may be held by others as well as the unwilling source is really his goal.

Because no two interrogations are alike, the interrogation cannot realistically be planned from A to Z, in all its particulars, at the outset.

Democracy, Intervention, and Human Rights. Once it is established that the source is probably a counterintelligence target in other words, is probably a member of a foreign intelligence or security service, a Communist, or a part of any other group engaged in clandestine activity directed against the national securitythe interrogation is planned and conducted accordingly. It is sound practice to write up each interrogation report on the day of questioning or, at least, before the next session, so that defects can be promptly remedied and gaps or contradictions noted in time.

The report suggests forcing the detainee to stand at attention for long periods of time. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April But if resistance is strong, a new topic should be introduced, and detailed questioning reserved for the third stage.


Unless time is crucial, the interrogator should not become impatient if the interrogatee wanders from the purposes of the interrogation and reverts to personal concerns.

MDR for Full Text of July “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation” Manual • MuckRock

For the Bush administration memos, see Torture Memos. It seems likely that at least some of the redactions in the original KUBARK document concern methods of psychological or coercive interrogation that have subsequently made public. But the assumption of hostility — or at least the use of pressure tactics at the first encounter — may make difficult subjects even out of those who would respond to recognition of individuality and an initial assumption of good will.

The profound fear and hatred of authority, persisting since childhood, is often well-concealed in adulthood, For example, such a person may confess easily and quickly under interrogation, even to acts that he did not commit, in order to throw the interrogator off the trail of a significant discovery or, more rarely, because of feelings of guilt.

The purpose, then, is not to teach the reader how to be a good interrogator but rather to tell him what he must learn in order to become a good interrogator. Another reason for avoiding note-taking is that it distracts and sometimes worries the interrogatee. Even worse, a “dash-on-regardless” approach can ruin the prospects of success even if sound methods are used later.

The subject is likeliest to talk freely if the screener’s manner is friendly and patient. Kleinman in the book, “Educing Information”, published by the Intelligence Science Board and released publicly. If a new safehouse is to be used as the interrogation site, it should be studied carefully to be sure that the total environment can be manipulated as desired.

He may direct a desire for revenge inward, upon himself; in extreme cases suicide may result. Click here to go to the current weekly digest or pick another article:. The intelligence service which is able to bring pertinent, modern knowledge to bear upon its problems enjoys huge advantages over a service which conducts its clandestine business in eighteenth century fashion.

In some interrogatees the ego-demands, the need to save face, are so intertwined with preservation of the cover story that calling the man a liar will merely intensify resistance. Instead, the manuals provide detailed techniques for infiltrating social movements, interrogating suspects, surveillance, maintaining military secrecy, recruiting and retaining spies, and controlling the population.

Every experienced interrogator has noted that if an interrogatee is withholding, his anxiety increases as the questioning nears the mark. A-2 But the entire chapter on coercive techniques is still provided with some items crossed out.

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