La Bastida de les Alcusses – Monumentos en la Comunitat Valenciana – Spain. This is the most important Iberian settlement of those located in the Region of. LA BASTIDA DE LES ALCUSSES In the middle of Terres dels Alforins, at about meters avobe the sea level, there is located the Iberian settlement of “La. Fabbrica della Conoscenza numero 46 Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine Gambardella Fabbrica della Conoscenza Collana fondata e diretta da Carmine.

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One of the most interesting data resides in his short existence, of barely a century, violently truncated in the middle of the 4th century B. Master’s Degree in Cultural Heritage: This has required monitoring the experimental and participative research process focused on users with visual disability, with the aim to determine their formal volumetric features and textures.

Immediately outside the site, a full-scale replica of an Iberian house has been reconstructed using the appropriate materials and techniques. Based on the tracking data which has been recorded, an average of annual visitors has been estimated in recent years, which have been enhanced by regular and original educational activities such as the aforementioned visit workdays which were attended by persons in a single weekend. Secondly, the abandonment was triggered by a violent episode, which caused fires and pillage where the bawtida left behind the majority of their daily life implements, tools in perfect condition and personal objects, which were discovered in situ in the excavations.

The site has been consolidated and even one of its houses has been entirely rebuilt. Objective and relevant elements of the intervention process The primary objective of this intervention has been to make a progressive contribution by means hastida design [3], to baetida development of the refurbishment and the sustainability of this archaeological environment and the improvement of its visit, by promoting its appreciation and the inclusion of visitor groups, such as the case of persons with a visual disability.

Its strategic location favoured the interchange of raw materials and manufactured goods by prestigious projects, such as Greek ceramics. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

As a whole, these equipment facilities extend the resources allocated to the communication and the experience of the site focused on the perception or the active construction of a space for the general public, and hence its immense interest for the public presentation of the heritage. Status and wealth are shown in jewellery, house size and imported goods. Tactile Scale-model of the entire Archaeological Settlement. It is put up for visits and has an interesting offer of didactic workshops.

On the other hand, we highlight the maximum respect for the values of natural landscape by combining its projection as a cultural landscape by means of history and the current uses of the environment.

Three tactile scale-models have been defined and implemented as resources, available for people with visual disability and other potential users such as children in particular and the general public. Living Landscape in the Bastida de les Alcusses The project’s main contribution is the enhancement of the experience and accessibility to this cultural archaeological heritage and specifically to the heritage of the Iberian Age 5th-1st Centuries B.

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This page was last edited on 20 Augustat Skip to main content. The dimensions of this overall scale-model and the selected scale were determined by the comfortable and accessible width by extending the arms and touching it with the hands.

The site has been consolidated and even one of its houses has been entirely rebuilt. Simultaneously, the presented intervention has become an essential support resource for the Communication and Educational Project of the Bastida de les Alcusses included as an educational program in the Secondary Education centres; the scale-models are milestones in the route which reinforce the oral lectures and the possibility to touch represents a sensory stimulus for the students.

Best Practices in Heritage Conservation and Management, The current fruit tree cultivation in the plain have transformed many plots, but it is still possible to observe a landscape, essentially characterised by the traditional rhythm of agricultural labours with hardly any modern buildings.

One of the most interesting data resides in his short existence, of barely a century, violently truncated in the middle of the 4th century B. It is located in the central route aligned with the view of the consolidated house 1 which it represents. Although the site’s degree of conservation is very good, the basements of the buildings are the only structures conserved in situ. The link with the research has another exponent in this intervention based on the novelty of the implemented resources and the type of context, where the framework of the experiences were implemented in the Ph.

In addition, the scenic basfida are recovered spaces to transmit knowledge about the landscape; these spaces are invitations for discussion and debate, encouraging the participation and interaction with the teacher, regardless whether this involves visits in the framework of training cycles or bastiida visitors.

In some cases such as the wooded area, geometric symbols in volume were used which facilitated their discrimination and memorization. Maria Grazia Quieti Ph. The three aclusses tactile scale-models were manufactured in cast bronze on display tables and accessible supports. This wall is some 4 metres wide and there are four gates: Another positive impact has been achieved by installing the tactile accessibility devices since they significantly improve the understanding of the conserved archaeological remains observation from different perspectives and at different detail levels and in turn, facilitate a panoramic view of the complex and the way in which the different elements which integrate it are related to each other and to facilitate the communication of concepts and information to sectors of the population which have been traditionally excluded, such as persons with visual disabilities.

La Bastida was abandoned around the third quarter of the 4th century BC following a violent episode with other Iberian groups of alcuszes area.

Access to World Heritage Sites: The houses are of different sizes, ranging from 20 to metres squared. Secondary streets run perpendicular to this main street and some open plazas were left without buildings. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press,pp. Cultivation was done with wooden ploughs reinforced with iron ploughshares, of which a number have been found in the houses of the town.


This study has revealed the non- existence of equivalent examples of these specific accessibility resources: Based on blind peer review, abstracts has been accepted, conditionally accepted, or rejected. Ancient cities of the Iberian Peninsula.

The tactile representation of this settlement in its natural context represents an innovative initiative and solution in its role as a means of useful communication for diverse audiences and particularly for the above mentioned groups.

If you continue to browse, we consider that you are accepting its use. The soil removed in this process was used to fill in the gaps in several points of the visitor route, thus improving the ground conditions. The scale-model comprises its relief in a ground plan in order to observe the interior layout of this tower with the lateral surveillance benches of the entry and its volumetry in the original form.

La Bastida de les Alcusses

Since the sole conserved structures are the basements of the walls both in the houses, walls and gatesalways made of stone masonry, the consolidation works have been focused on their protection in various phases, by means of their partial reinforcement with masonry screens, taking into account the reversible nature of the actions. The oppidum is a crucial part of the settlement pattern throughout all the Iron Age in Iberia. These intense campaigns discovered an important part of its urban structure and also provided important findings of moveable nature, where we emphasise small sheet leads with Iberian writings and, specially, a little bronze figure that has passed on to posterity as the Warrior of Moixent.

Authors of accepted and conditionally accepted papers has been invited xe submit full papers.

La Bastida de les Alcusses – Wikipedia

This website uses proprietary and third-party cookies for technical purposes, traffic analysis basfida to facilitate insertion of content in social networks on user request. The main value of this intervention consists in its contribution to improve the communication and accessibility to the cultural heritage, especially the rich archaeological heritage of the Iberian age 6th – 1st Centuries B.

The main objective of this intervention has been to contribute in a progressive way to the conditioning and sustainability of this archaeological site to improve its visits, stimulate its appreciation and include new groups of visitors. Site Boundary elements in different applications. In addition, in the case of the blind or people with serious visual disabilities, they facilitate the communication and learning of concepts, which is a central feature in the consideration of the management of public allcusses asset according to an inclusive design [11].

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