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The second exploded at the side of qjiroga first and another section of dyke flew through yacared air. The old alligator then explained to them that it was a steamer, full of fire, and that all of them would die if the vessel continued navigating the river. And as they were all hungry, they went looking for fish. But the next day they heard again the beating on the water and saw the steamer pass by again, making a great noise and throwing out so much smoke that the sky became obscured.

All of them heard it, but none rose or opened their eyes even.

Suddenly the warship filled with smoke and launched its first cannon at the dyke. This yaares was posted in ReviewsTranslated work, Spanish to English. But it was too late.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. But when one with gold stripes on his uniform, who was still alive, passed, the old alligator launched himself into the water and ate him in two bites.

What importance yqcares the boat to them? But the torpedo drew near the boat and the men on board saw horaxio that is to say they saw the whirlpool that a torpedo makes in water. Now, that vessel the colour of a mouse was a warship, a battleship with terrible cannons. About owenlindsayboyd I am a follower of the ohracio of Paramahansa Yogananda – author of Autobiography of a Yogi. And the alligators, concealed in the water except for their noses and eyes, watched the warship pass, whistling at full speed.


La Guerra de Los Yacares : Horacio Quiroga :

No steamer would be able to pass through there and always, always, there would be fish. There was a fearsome explosion and a huge cannon ball fell right in the middle of the dyke. They surfaced, dived, jumped over the stones, always running and dragging the torpedo, which created waves like a ship owing to the speed of the passage. But the steamer returned the next day, and when the alligators looked at the vessel they were speechless with surprise; it was not the same steamer.

What new steamer was that? In recent years I self-published a trilogy of novels dealing, principally, with the themes of healing and reconciliation. The torpedo struck the immense ship right in the middle and exploded. The wise alligator then said: The alligators then left the water, very angry with the old alligator, because he had tricked them, saying that it was a whale.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I begin and end each day with meditation, a spiritual base from which all else proceeds. But one afternoon, while they took their siesta, an alligator woke all of a sudden and raised its head believing it had heard a noise.

The alligators gave a triumphant cry and ran like creatures possessed to the dyke. The old, wise alligator, seeing that the officer was speaking about him and making fun of him, said to the other: The alligators exchanged looks all around: It is distributed on smashwords. Email required Address never made public.

Hearing this, the small alligators began crying out with fear, plunging their heads. It exploded and 15, pieces went flying in the air, at a vast distance, chimneys, engines, motorboats, everything. They took their siesta in the sand at the riverbank and at times played about in the water on nights when there was a moon. And there was nothing left of it, nothing, nothing.


In effect, the steamer was still far off when it stopped. They lived quietly and contentedly. Then the alligators left the water and said: Not a trunk, not a splinter, not a husk. Who knows qiiroga to detonate the torpedo?

It was a really formidable dyke. And they saw pass before them that immense thing, full of smoke and beating the water, noracio steamer that negotiated the river for the first time.

The alligators removed the rest of the dyke, which no longer served any purpose, given that no boat would return that way.

hiracio They climbed the two trunks that remained either side of the opening and when the men passed through there they made fun of them, covering their mouths with their legs.

The alligators later accompanied him to his grotto, yuerra him countless times. And as they were very tired they lay down to sleep on the beach. He then called to the alligator that slept at his side. Here comes the whale! Two or three trunks were blown to bits that went flying in the air and at once there followed another cannon ball, and another and another, and each one blew another section of the dyke into splinters, until there remained nothing of the dyke.

La Guerra de Los Yacares

They had no wish to eat any man though they merited it. Your friend the alligator that travelled to the sea with you! There were more than a hundred, or perhaps even more than a thousand. The shrapnel exploded in contact with the trunks, tore them to pieces, and reduced to splinters the enormous beams. Did that one too want to yacarees

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