la service manual – Datasheet PDF, IC Circuit. USOC(LA) SERIES SERVICE MANUAL Table of Contents 1. Preface. Find solutions to your la 7n datasheet question. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on la 7n datasheet related issues. LA PIN 1= SIF OUTPUT [V DC] PIN 2= IF AGC FILTER PIN 3= SIF INPUT [V DC] PIN 4= FM FILTER PIN 5= FM OUTPUT [V~V] PIN 6= AUDIO.

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Then the discrepancy phase will transform to be current and output to pin 7. This is called anti-breathing. This means that also the switch -on moment of the HOT will vary with the load.

Regulator is based on the above theory.

The maximum input for this pin is 96dBu. Adjust over moduration operating points.

R,RPR connect in series. The value of C1 is depending on the speed of AGC, sag etc, and the recommend value is about 0.

(PDF) LA76931 Datasheet download

As the load increases, the average primary current rises. The base-drive to the HOT must have been switched on before this point! That also reduces the EHT even further, but the deflection current has a stronger effect on the datasueet width than the EHT. Therefore, if the ddatasheet C1 is variable, the time constant of loop will change largely by every step. In the other hand, the time constant of APC loop is determined by the capacitor C1 and the internal resistor inside IC.

Enable Datssheet circuit Ever when the color control is minimized, but maybe there is still has little color left in the picture. Learn more — opens la a new window or tab Any international postage la import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. The detail is described as follow: This is called S-correction.


Please add a 5. Control video output amplitude. Note that to the average person, the obvious question becomes: The designer has to do some optimizing here Many problems associated with consumer electronic equipment do not require a schematic though one may be useful.

Do not work when you are really tired – it is both dangerous and mostly non-productive or possibly destructive.

la 7n datasheet Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

When the video output amplitude more change, use this control. If you get readings that do not make sense, you may be using your equipment in a way which is confusing it. We can use V to bypass the current flowing into base of V in order to control the on-off time of V If R1 is increased, the loop gain will increase and the pull-in range will increase as well.

If you get stucksleep on it. The sample oscillation circuit characteristics may differ applications. The flyback rectifiers esp. Linearity over the two main axis should now be good.

The scenario described below is only true in the steady state- the first few scans are different because the picture tube capacitance is still discharged. This same principle applies at the electronic. The final voltage regulated depends on V,V etc. Horizontal output transistor specs and substitution: Little parts may fit in more than one place orientation.

If your TV has some kind of automatic picture modetry turning if off and adjusting the color control. The best location will also be relatively dust free and allow you to suspend you troubleshooting to eat or sleep or think without having to pile everything into a cardboard box for storage. The recommend value of this capacitor is 1uF. Get an immediate offer.


One alternative is simply to cut the wire in a location that is well away from any place to short out, solder, and then do a most excellent job of insulating the splice.

This causes large peak currents in the HOT which might lead to destruction. If the EHT voltage drops, then the electrons will be accelerated less and will move through the deflection field at a lower velocity.

This represents a short-circuit at the secondary side of the flyback. This is called flat-bottom period or pulse interval. The PTC thermister heats up, increase in resistanceand smoothly decrease to datasheeh zero over a couple of seconds.

There are several reasons including: And the DC output of this pin is about 2.

la76931 service manual – Datasheet PDF, IC Circuit

An S-cap that changed value or selected to be the wrong value will result in distortion at the left and right sides of the screen: Confirm the problem before diving into the repair. The maximum drive current of Q1 is 1mA. The value of the resister is decide as below: Many problems have simple solutions.

For the use with the temperature outside of the range herein, or in the applications requiring high reliability such as car products, please consult with oscillator manufacturer.

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