The trim, also known as edge excision, linear, and amputation labiaplasty, is a technique commonly used. Complications associated with a trim. Labiaplasty is the name given to any procedure which is intended to reshape the labia minora, by changing the shape or size. Several different techniques exist. Dr. Anya Kishinevksy explains the different types of labiaplasty techniques for improving the shape and size of the labia.

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The safety of aesthetic labiaplasty: Using a sterile marker, the surgeon should mark a gentle arc from the frenulum to the posterior labium.

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The most common complications following labiaplasty are dehiscence, hematoma, unsatisfactory scarring, and superficial infections.

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What’s the difference a trim labiaplasty and a wedge labiaplasty? | ASPS

With the modified wedge technique, a wedge of tissue is taken from the inner labia skin and another wedge is taken from the outer labia skin. Fairfield Office Norwalk Office A redundant clitoral hood should prompt the surgeon to discuss reduction. There is a lack of consensus regarding indications and techniques for this procedure. With the wedge technique, excess tissue is removed from the labia by cutting a wedge, or V shape, from the center of the labia.


Lbiaplasty trim technique is often beneficial for those who wish to eliminate dark, irregular, or thickened edges of the labia.

What is the trim labiaplasty technique? Although a scalpel, scissors, radiofrequency, or laser can be used for resection, scissors allow fine control without thermal injury. Hypertrophy of the lagiaplasty minora can cause dyspareunia, chronic urinary tract infections, irritation, hygienic difficulties, and interference with sports. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon and be confident you are in the care of a highly-trained surgeon you can trust. Remember, too, that labiaplasty can include a reduction of the outer majora labia, inner minor labia or both, depending on your techniqke anatomy as well as your overall goals.

Understanding Labiaplasty Techniques

Genetics, pregnancy and the natural aging process can all affect the shape and appearance of a woman’s intimate anatomy. Open in a separate window. For more information about labiaplasty, or labiaplsaty find out if you’re a candidate, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. In addition, flap necrosis has been reported with wedge resection. We have 2 locations in the area View Locations.

This technique prevents horizontal scarring and instead hides the scar within the labial crease. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The added benefit of nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation Four common questions women have about labiaplaaty after labiaplasty How can laser treatments be used for vaginal rejuvenation?


There are multiple labiaplasty techniques that can address the unique needs of each patient. There are no widely accepted guidelines for labiaplasty, and it is carried out for a variety of reasons. The procedure is increasing in popularity, with patients requesting it for both functional and appearance-related symptoms.

The trim, also known as edge excision, linear, and amputation labiaplasty, is a technique commonly used. View All Surgeons Near You. American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

What’s the difference a trim labiaplasty and a wedge labiaplasty?

Published online Oabiaplasty To find out which technique is right for you, please schedule a consultation. It is best suited for patients with minimal hypertrophy. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The frenulum serves labiaplastu a landmark for marking. The most common problem with trim labiaplasty, however, is that if particular care is not taken during the procedure, there is often an awkward, uneven transition at the clitoral bulb where the two “trimmed” sides meet.

Support Center Support Center. Labial appearance can also cause some women to feel self-conscious, affecting their romantic relationships.

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