“Every freedom-loving creature on the planet absolutely MUST read >this remarkable book . For a modest $15, we should all give a >copy to everyone we love. Grant’s Speech from The Iron Web, read by the author, Larken Rose. Buy the book The Iron Web by Larken Rose. Larken Rose’s web site. The Greatest Speech Ever – Grants Speech from The Iron Web by Larken Rose. By James Cox on September 1, in Books, Featured, Government.

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He even got his own category on this blog.

The Greatest Speech Ever – Grants Speech from The Iron Web by Larken Rose

And a young woman who knows little, and cares even less, about politics and national affairs is cast into the center of this conflict by a cruel twist of fate. Meanwhile, your belief system is completely schizophrenic and self-contradictory.

You close your eyes and run away when a hint of reality lands in front of you. Those who seek so-called high office are the lowest of the low. Notify me of new posts by email. Thd rated it really liked it Apr 13, You think sitting in that big building on Sunday makes you noble and righteous?

Nothing special or particularly interesting about any of them. Another viewpoint character named Betsy, an executive assistant attached to a senator about to be inaugurated as president, offers still more room for tension: Just to give you a taste, here are a few of the many tidbits I enjoyed: Although the people they met hold to various and sometimes completing political philosophies there are Constitutionalists, anarchists, and hippies are among their numberall agree to the same principle: The ‘leader’ of the Iron Web community, and Rose himself, urges those who believe in self-ownership to practice what they preach, and own up to the responsibility that comes with that ownership: Interesting story rse interesting perspective.


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The Iron Web

You tell yourself that, had you lived in those other places in those other times, you would have been among those who stood up against oppression and defended the downtrodden. You are not Muslims.

Responsibility and reality scare the hell out of you, so you cling tightly to your own enslavement and lash out at any who seek to free you from it. Everywhere you turn, be it the state or the church, the media or the schools, you are taught one thing above all else: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

What altered was his awareness, and Larken’s aim is to shift the readers’. Larkdn ask other readers questions about The Iron Webplease sign up.

The Iron Web by Larken RoseThe Magic of Life | The Magic of Life

A new President Idon eagerly awaits his inauguration and his chance to bring peace and security back to the country. This is absolutely reccommended.


A rookie federal officer finds himself face to face with the terrorists. All you ever do is spout back what your masters have taught you: Sometimes it’s like the Keystone Cops, with Federal agents running this way and that, pursuing the anarchist gang this way and that Published first published March 18th Aug 01, David rated it did not like it.

What you truly worship, the god you really bow to, what you really believe in, is the state. Lafken weeks later I read it again, to make sure it was as good as I thought it was iorn first time through.

Out of one side of your mouths, you condemn the evils of fascism and socialism, and lament the injustices of the regimes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, while out of the other side of your mouths you preach exactly what they did: What can you expect, I believe it was lar,en least partly written in jail where he spend a lron for a crime he clearly did not commit. Ian Cattanach rated it it was amazing Oct 11, You have become so thoroughly indoctrinated into the cult of state-worship that you are truly shocked when the occasional sane person states the bleeding obvious:

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