Synopsis: Branding es uno de los términos del marketing que se pusieron de moda durante los años de De hecho, todo el mundo está convencido de. Las 22 Leyes Inmutables de La Marca by Al Ries, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Trad. de: The 22 inmutable laws of branding. how to build a product or service into a world-class brand. Las 22 leyes inmutables de la marca: cómo convertir un producto o un servicio en una marca mundial. Front Cover. Al Ries, Laura Ries.

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Some recent rallying cries:.

Smother them with attention and affection. As a matter of fact, falling in love is a good analogy for the branding process.

A young person falls in love and gets married. Now suppose the next year that same person meets someone who is better looking, wealthier and more fun to be with. Bingo, he or she changes spousal brands. The surprising thing is not that half of all marriages end in divorce. Even Ike and Tina Turner stayed together for almost two decades.

Falling in love with a person is an emotion that has consequences that can last for years. Falling in love with a brand has similar consequences. All across America people are falling in love with their brands. And a host of other brands. Look at the history of Volkswagen, the first small car. People literally fell in love with that vehicle. Disney even made several movies about Herbie, the Love Bug.


What differentiates the winners and losers in most categories is purely a question of who was first in the mind. Kleenex, the first pocket tissue, was launched in and has been the leading pocket-tissue brand ever since.

Loving a person blocks your interest in finding another person to love. Loving a brand blocks your interest in exploring other brands in the same category. Red Bull in energy drinks. Ditto the BlackBerry user.

Las 22 Leyes Inmutables de La Marca

The Nintendo DS user. Of course, there is a way to compete with powerful brands such as Google. Consider Baidu and Yandex. Baidu was first in China. Yandex was first in Russia. AltaVista was, but it threw away its leadership by turning its site into a rkes.

Be the opposite of the leader or launch a marketing campaign to undermine the leading brand.

And the copy went on to say that aspirin can cause stomach bleeding. Today, Tylenol is the No. May the better product win. Or the better advertising. Or the better internet strategy. Unfortunately that seldom happens. The game is fixed, and the leader starts with a huge advantage.

Las 22 leyes inmutables by leidy cortes garcia on Prezi

Over the years, Google has used its innovative people and innovative strategies to launch a host of new products. Jaiku was a microblogging service similar to Twitter. Lively was folded, and Jaiku was turned over to its users as an open-source project. A better, more innovative approach is highly unlikely to loosen the grip those brands have with their audiences. People follow a similar pattern. The same holds true for brands. Most marketing messages are misdirected.


Leaders make similar mistakes. They often think a marketing war is an advertising war.

The brand that has the best advertising wins. So every year, the advertising agency gets busy dreaming up its latest extravaganza. But why do people drink Coke instead of Pepsi?

Brands that are first in the mind can often effectively reinforce their leadership by using ideas and concepts that relate to their authenticity. Originator of cultured pearls. The one dentists use most.

The one and only. Can you name another brown ale? But you need to figure out how to create that love. Hay una mejor manera de hacer marketing Algunas empresas se obsesionan con los clientes, otras solo quieren ventas. Precisamente estaba leyendo ese articulo hoy en la escuela en AdAge Hay mucho que discutir en base a ese tema, y Ries lo supo explicar en muy breves palabras, y muy sencillas. El amor con las marcas tiene mucho que ver con el poder de decidir sobre esas marcas.

Y los consumidores le hemos tomado el gusto a al poder de controlar los productos. Usan su poder y les gusta hacerlo.

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