Embers is a novel by the Hungarian writer Sándor Márai. Its original Hungarian title is A gyertyák csonkig égnek, which means “Candles burn until the end”. Sándor Márai [ˈʃaːndor ˈmaːrɒi] was a Hungarian writer and journalist. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Bibliography. Translated into English. 3 Gallery; 4. : le braci: SPEDIZIONE PIEGO DI LIBRO EURO1,

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Se posso permettermi, sempre di Marai, ti consiglio La recita di Bolzano. How else should they speak? The glowing gold sandog embers sinking into the dark of a once roaring fire, a last glimpse of the barest trace of light before the all encompassing night. In a way, one could say that nothing really happens in this book, except memories and thoughts.

Sándor Márai

The light-muted colors of candlelit waiting, the world aging, turning in time. The mystery is the snake-sliver of time.

It tells the story of two male friends: View all 6 comments. Once friends as close as twin brothers, the pair zandor not seen each other since a incident with Henrik’s wife Krisztina forty one years ago.

A few irritants have kept me from placing this book on my personal, metaphysical pedestal of absolute literary perfection – the objectification of women, a subtle nod of approval to medieval values like the appreciation of gender specific character traits, the seemingly endless and tedious monologue in the latter half of the book and a sense of perverse vanity the central characters seem to derive out of their European ancestry caused me to take away that 1 star.


And you are my friend, closer to me than any brother or sister, even though we have not seen nor spoken to each other in 41 years.

Le braci : Sandor Marai :

saneor First published in and recovered with his other novels, Embers is fast becoming a modern classic. The audio book I listened to was wonderfully melodious. Smoke they did become, the memories. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This book grew and accustomed itself to my senses as an oblong piece of grit would first irritate, then slowly become smoothly subsumed by the oyster surrounding it. Konrad chose to escape to the tropics. The strained, fruitless effort of it. I admire him for that. Marai also posed an intriguing view on friendships and relationships that left me captivated by the novel through its closure. Is it indeed about desiring any one person, or is it about desiring desire itself?

And if we do not love that person in a way that makes her happy, do we have the right to expect fidelity or any other sacrifice?

Embers by Sándor Márai

But how does one ever know? I like that tone of incertitude of the narrator. In the s, he gained prominence marao a precise and clear realist style.

Discover new lle on Goodreads. He was the first person to write reviews of the work of Kafka. Lo stile lo merita. Ricompare Krisztina, moglie di Henrik. OHB was essentially a series of conversations to tell the maria about life issues that mattered to the author. Publicado no VI https: Yet this is how people used to live their lives.

  ASCO 8262 PDF

An eavesdropper might wish for more dialogue between us, Come in. Largely forgotten outside of Hungary, his work consisting of poems, novels, and diaries has only been recently “rediscovered” and republished in French starting inPolishCatalanItalian, English, German, Spanish, PortugueseCzechSlovakDanishIcelandicKoreanDutchUrdu and other languages too, and is now considered to be part of the European Twentieth Century literary canon.

I think the story is beautifully told. The counterpoint of the ghostly female characters, Kristina and Nini, presented in extreme roles; one as irresistible goddess that triggers wild passions, the other as the saintly figure of devoted surrogate mother, adds to the essence of the otherwise unoriginal tonality of the plotline.

Inhe lived with advanced cancer and his depression worsened when he lost his adopted son, John. A single event filled with high emotion and murderous impulses, layered over with more than twoscore years of thought and solitude, enough for the fires of passion and youth to die and glaze over with the weight of accumulated smoothness wrought by time.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I didn’t need to be miserable to know that people talk up stuff to the point dandor resembles a bad soap opera with themselves as the lead with looks and charm enough to rescue them from the fast paced world of fashion modeling for K-Mart fashions.

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