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All calculations were performed using R. Further investigation found profound cellular stress induced by insHEL on both genetic backgrounds Fig.

Super electron donors derived from diboron – Chemical Science (RSC Publishing)

Methionine oxidation was set as a fixed modification. Pancreata were digested with 0. Acknowledgments The authors thank P. Equal amounts of peptide material were mixed, and peptides were fractionated by reversed-phase HPLC 66 At a molecular level, our findings demonstrate that the NOD mouse 92664 harbors a remarkable susceptibility to primary beta cell failure.

Genetic Predisposition for Beta Cell Fragility Underlies Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

oei Open in a separate window. Of the candidate genes within the Tid1 and Tid2 loci, supporting evidence was found for Xrcc4. For reproduction of material from PPS: Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The most common forms of diabetes, T1D and T2D, can be considered to be at extreme ends of the etiology spectrum, with T1D caused by autoimmunity against pancreatic beta cells, resulting in insulin deficiency, and T2D llei by metabolic changes that render target tissues resistant to insulin.

Correspondence should be addressed to A. NOD mice have been suggested to have a defect in the UPR 11although the use of immunocompetent mice in published experiments means that the observation could be secondary.


Quantification is shown of islet raw fluorescence in the channel for phosphorylated H2A. To determine whether leo findings observed in mice were applicable to humans, we investigated whether the pathway identified in NOD mice also demonstrated genetic linkage to diabetes or glucose regulation traits in humans. NOD mouse susceptibility to immune-independent diabetes demonstrated through a sensitized transgenic model.

No diabetes was observed in nontransgenic male littermates. Fadista J, et al. Results Genetic defects in beta cell robustness in NOD mice NOD k mice, with congenic replacement of the potent Idd1 major histocompatibility complex MHC susceptibility locus, allow for dissection of the multiple genetic components of diabetes susceptibility without spontaneous autoimmunity against pancreatic islets.

In the course of constructing a matched set of transgenic mice on the B10 k and NOD k backgrounds 15we were surprised to observe spontaneous diabetes selectively in male NOD k mice hemizygous for the insulin Ins2 promoter—driven hen egg lysozyme insHEL transgene.

Functional assays MEFs were generated from B10 k. DePristo MA, et al. Redox proteomics of protein-bound methionine oxidation. To formally test the ability of reduced Glis3 expression to drive diabetes in the insHEL model, we intercrossed Glis3 heterozygous mice with B10 69.

Chaparro RJ, et al. Incidence trends for childhood type 1 diabetes in Europe during — and predicted new cases — While generating these peak lists, grouping of spectra was allowed in Distiller with a maximal intermediate retention time of 30 s, and a maximum intermediate scan count of 5 was used where possible.

Sibanda BL, et al. DNA repair is limiting for haematopoietic stem cells during ageing. Mice were kept for 20—28 weeks and tested for diabetes monthly by blood glucose and weekly by urine assessment, with a positive indication being followed by twice-weekly blood testing. However, we found here that the diabetes-inducing properties of one such transgene are not immunological in nature and rather result from unfolded protein stress, a physiologically relevant pathway.


Heat shock protein inhibition is associated with activation of the unfolded protein response pathway in myeloma plasma cells.

Genetic Predisposition for Beta Cell Fragility Underlies Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Molecular-dynamics simulations on solvated biomolecular systems—the particle mesh Ewald method leads to stable trajectories of DNA, RNA, lfi proteins. The percentage of islet cell death was assessed after 3 d of culture. Analysis of statistically significant changes in gene expression Supplementary Data Set 1 identified the two non-transgenic parental strains Fig.

This article is Open 9. The statistical significance of the results was evaluated by testing 1, permutation replicates. To further investigate this phenomenon, we aged leu cohort of B10 k and NOD k transgenic and non-transgenic siblings.

Gene dosage—limiting role of Aire in thymic expression, clonal deletion, and organ-specifc autoimmunity. Thus, rather than a global defect in inducing the UPR per se, NOD mice possess an intact UPR with differential transcriptional biases, resulting in a specific defect in upregulating Manf expression.

As both the B10 and NOD lwi exhibited cellular stress and glucose intolerance, these data demonstrate that NOD mice possess an underlying genetic defect that manifests during beta cell stress, driving progression from subclinical glucose intolerance to clinical diabetes. Wicker LS, et al.

Only 18 differences in protein expression were significant and reproducible across duplicate experiments, of which most reflected parental transcriptional changes Supplementary Data Set 1.

Mutations in GLIS3 are responsible for a rare syndrome with neonatal diabetes mellitus and congenital hypothyroidism. LOD, logarithm of odds.

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