Títulos valores — Legislación — Perú; View all subjects artículo de la nueva ley de títulos valores, Ley n. Concordancias y reseñas jurisprudenciales. mediante títulos valores que son instrumentos muy especiales porque al estar en un . Titulos Valores en El Peru Ley Nº Prescripcion y. LA LEY Y LOS TITULO VALOR. Related Videos. LA LEY Y LOS TITULO VALOR. PYMES PERU RTV. Títulos Valores – La Acción Cambiaria. Consultorio .

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The Agent shall not be liable for any damages, costs or losses whatsoever as a result of giving any such notification. Any electronic communication to valore made between those two Parties will be effective only when actually received in readable form and in the case of any valords communication made by a Party to the Agent only if it is addressed in such a manner as the Agent shall specify for this purpose.

Each Obligor shall inform the Agent, in writing as soon as reasonably practical upon becoming aware:.

It has the power to own its assets and carry on its business as it is being conducted or is contemplated to be conducted. This Accordion Increase Confirmation has been entered into on the date stated at the beginning of this Accordion Increase Confirmation.


To the extent allowed by law, the Finance Parties may take concurrent proceedings in any number of jurisdictions. The Company shall pay to the Agent for the account of each Lender a fee in U. In this Clause We confirm that each condition specified in Clause 4.

If a change in any currency of a country occurs, this Agreement will, to the extent the Agent acting reasonably and after consultation with the Company specifies to be necessary, be amended to comply with any generally accepted conventions and market practice in the Relevant Interbank Market and otherwise to reflect the change in currency.

A moratorium is declared in respect of any Financial Indebtedness of an Obligor. The Company may, by delivery to the Agent of a duly completed Accordion Increase Request, request that the Commitments be increased and the Total Commitments shall be so increased as described in, and in accordance with, this Clause 2.

Each payment received by the Agent under the Finance Documents for another Party shall, subject to Clause No Obligor shall incur, create or permit to subsist or have outstanding any Financial Indebtedness or enter into any agreement or arrangement whereby it is entitled to incur, create or permit to subsist any Financial Indebtedness.

As a result, no Finance Party shall be prevented from taking proceedings relating to a Dispute in any other courts with jurisdiction.

The Company and each Obligor jointly and severally shall promptly indemnify the Security Agent and any Receiver or Delegate against any cost, loss or liability incurred by the Security Agent and any Receiver or Delegate acting reasonably as a result of:. It has not taken any corporate action, nor has any corporate action or any other steps been taken or legal proceedings started or to the best of its knowledge and belief, after due enquiry threatened against it, for its winding-up, dissolution, administration perk re-organisation, or for the valoees of any Security or Quasi-Security as defined in Clause That Subsidiary shall become an Additional Guarantor if:.


The Agent and the Security Agent shall not be liable for any damages, costs or losses whatsoever as a result of giving any such notification. The Company shall pay to valoes Agent for the account of the Arranger an initial arrangement fee and a subsequent arrangement fee in the amount and at the times agreed in a Fee Letter.

The Company may request that a Borrower other than the Company ceases to be a 2728 by delivering to the Agent a Resignation Letter. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Lenders make available to the Borrowers a revolving loan facility in U. It has paid when due all Taxes required to be paid by it without the imposition of any penalty ttiulos than any Taxes:.

Zegarra Guzmán, Oscar

A reference in this Agreement to a Fee Letter shall include any letter referred to in this paragraph g. Each Guarantor irrevocably and unconditionally jointly and severally:. The undertakings in this Clause 19 remain in force from the date of this Agreement for so long as any amount is outstanding under the Finance Documents or any Commitment is in force.

A certificate of the Additional Obligor signed by a director confirming that borrowing or guaranteeing, as appropriate, the Total Commitments would not cause any borrowing, guaranteeing or similar limit binding on it to be exceeded. Each Lender shall, as soon as reasonably practicable after a demand by the Agent, provide a certificate confirming the amount of its Break Costs for any Valore Period in which they accrue.

272877 any extension of the due date for payment of any principal or Unpaid Sum under this Agreement interest is payable on the principal or Unpaid Sum at 272887 rate payable on the original due date. The Agent may effect, lry behalf of any Finance Pey, any amendment or waiver permitted by this Clause tigulos A Borrower le not deliver a Utilisation Request if as a result of the proposed Utilisation more than 10 Loans would be outstanding.

The increase in the Total Commitments requested in an Accordion Increase Request is subject to the following conditions:.

Promptly upon a request by the Agent, the Company shall supply to the Agent a certificate signed by two of its directors or senior officers on its behalf certifying that no Event of Default is continuing or if continuing, specifying the ongoing event or circumstances and the steps, if any, being taken to remedy it. The Company may by giving prior notice to the Agent after the effective date of a cancellation of:. The views expressed herein are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the IMF, its Executive Board, or its management.

This issue should be addressed at primary documentation stage.

materialised/dematerialised notes | English to Spanish | Finance (general)

If the proposed Additional Obligor is incorporated in a jurisdiction other than England and Wales, evidence that the process agent specified in Clause No Event of Default will occur under this Clause Any Financial Indebtedness of an Obligor is not paid when due, nor within any originally applicable grace period. If either the Agent determines in its discretion that a Disruption Event has occurred or the Agent is notified by the Company that a Disruption Event has occurred:.


An Obligor fails within five Business Days of the due date to comply with or pay any sum due tituloz it under any final judgment, order or arbitral award entered against an Vaolres involving individually or in aggregate a liability of U. Distributions by the Security Agent shall be made as and when determined perh it.

Titlos communication or document made or delivered to the Company in accordance with this Clause Except where a Finance Document specifically provides otherwise, the Agent is not obliged to review or check the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of any document it forwards to another Party. The Agent shall supply each Website Lender with the address of and any relevant password specifications for the Designated Website following designation of that website by the Company and the Agent.

Payment shall be made to such account in the principal financial centre of the country of that currency with such bank as the Agent specifies. The Agent in acting as agent for the Finance Parties and the Security Agent in acting as security agent or trustee for the Finance Parties shall be regarded as acting through its respective agency or security agency or trustee division which in each case shall be treated as a separate entity from any other of its divisions or departments.

It is a corporation, duly incorporated and validly existing under the law of its jurisdiction of incorporation.

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Gold Fields la Cima S. Each Borrower shall apply all amounts borrowed by it under the Facility:. A Reference Bank which is not a Party may rely on Clause If such page or service ceases to be available, the Agent may specify another page or service displaying the relevant rate after consultation with the Company. Neither the Agent nor the Security Agent will be liable for any delay or any related consequences in crediting an account with an amount required under the Finance Documents to be paid by it if it has taken all necessary steps as soon as reasonably practicable to comply with the regulations or operating procedures of any recognised clearing or settlement system used by it for that purpose.

The Company shall procure that no substantial change is made to the general nature of its business from that carried on at the date of this Agreement. Quotation Day as of If information is received by another division or department of the Agent or, as the case may be, the Security Agent, it may be treated as confidential to that division or department and the Agent or, as the case may be, the Security Agent shall not be deemed to have notice of it.

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