Riviste magiche · Conferenze · Teoria-storia-business · Libri in Italiano · Download · Corsi di Magia · CARTOMAGIA.. Magia con le carte · Mazzi di carte. LIBRI IN LINGUA ORIGINALE · LA TUA VIDEOTECA. Novità. Cartomagia non Convenzionale di F. Ceriani – Libro. 17,00 €. La strada maestra alla cartomagia on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Publisher, Troll Libri. Language, Italian. Package Dimensions, x.

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Proseguendo, ne acconsenti l’utilizzo! Here’s a unique take on the Svengali deck, allowing you to so much more to amaze! Proseguendo, ne acconsenti l’utilizzo!

Da Che Pulpito?

It is then cleanly removed and when turned over, a large nail is found welded to the back. Here’s a beautiful way to express it. Top-quality saddle-stitched cloth-covered hardback. Download the video and learn this beautiful effect.

libri di magia in PDF… – Da Che Pulpito?

This series will focus on several historical events where life and death was a major factor. By innocent liibri simply mean there is virtually nothing to see. And most probably, your spectator will keep it and always remember this magical moment!

By performing a ‘magic trick’, they will identify members of the civilian population who carry the dormant Zombie Gene. It is just a little straw doll.

To find out more: Take a piece of paper and fold it. Next, a flame is lifted out of its lighter with naked fingers to light the cigarette. A spirit that captures the passion for their craft, signature look as well as product, and the entrepreneurial drive to turn a hobby into a business.


Each and every trick is powerful and magical. Designed specifically for card magic, the cards in this deck feature a mnemonic card stack order for you to perform powerful card magic straight out of the pack!

La strada maestra alla cartomagia : Frederick Braue :

It’s easy to do, simple, and direct. This site uses cookies for the purposes indicated in cookie policy.

Imagine making a coin disappear with a snap of the fingers. It’s Paul Gordon’s very best writing, very best production and very best magic. If you have ever wanted to do a hyper visual Matrix with 4 different objects, lbiri this today!

Finding the unfamiliar in the familiar and the familiar in the. One that keeps going and going? Two different people select cards, and these are mixed into a regular poker-sized deck. Only 5, decks made. A US quarter is stuck on your forehead. Magia per bambini e palloncini Comedy Giocoleria Escapologia Illusioni e piani di costruzione Palco e salotto Magia con foulards Magia gospel e religiosa.

Bankroll Edition is extremely limited and hard to find. Perfect for kibri type of gig where you need to have a performing surface. Preparation can be done in just a minute and can be performed in most environments due to its great angles. The highly-acclaimed Quidnunc contains powerful card magic routines cartomsgia jam-packed pages, with hundreds of photos and a sleights section.

We love doing cardistry so much that we wanted to create something that would not only make cuts look awesome, it would also make it more fun.

La strada maestra alla cartomagia

Cartomagia non Convenzionale di F. The performer shows two small wooden boards and asks to a spectator examine them. In the course of a routine, during a close up performance, you get the spectator to focus on the name of someone close to them. Each one is 90 feet long, and is of super high q. Download today — learn this fun and astonishing feat of magic! Have you ever wanted to pull a seemingly unending amount of steel from your mouth? This book will help you make the most of the marketing phenomena that is not only Halloween, but the entire Halloween season.


They are some of Jerry’s most potent and versatile moves used by Jerry Andrus in his live shows.

Cups and balls is probably the oldest magic trick that we have come to know. Each and every trick really is a startler! Gold Dust Finale contains some real gems.

Stitched pages, gold foil embossed with attractive head and tail bands.

This high-quality silk is perfect for all kinds of magic routines. The magician shows a card that has a small hole punched in it. Well, it was down to space issues! As much as our cards have been hailed as the best, so will this gaff deck. The magician shows a deck of cards, shuffles them and spreads them f. Cartomagia non Convenzionale di F. You will learn three wonderful routines, complete with all of the subtle elements that will transform your Matrix into a miracle.

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