The LMD system has promoted new pedagogical practices. However, despite their promises to LMD system in Algeria. pedagogical practices. innovation. – LMD New System in the Algerian University Hanane SARNOU Mostaganem University, English Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria Sabri. The introduction of the LMD system aimed to keep the Algerian university abreast of new trends in higher education to attain the international standards followed.

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Modern times have changed the role of the university whose main new task is summarised in the new guidelines of the Algerian ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research1: Web browsing is usually done outside the campus. She holds an MA in English. School culture and school performance: Furthermore, experienced teachers know well that a perfect courseware is an ideal project in mind, and that in practice, they need to enrich the content on the blackboard with emerging of new question raised by the students.

Data collection instruments The data collection instruments used in this research study are a semi-structured audio-taped interview guide that contained 10 items and a questionnaire given to the students mentioned before for the purpose of getting some analysis of their experience as the first generation who welcomes this reform.

To investigate how the LMD system functions in the Algerian university and in English departments in particular, this research study discusses some key issues related to the LMD system and how, whether positively or negatively, it would influence ELT. As an LMD teacher who has been undertaking the previous experience, i.

For instance, in Algeria, prior to independence and after the s, a new revolution came to the surface. The role of the computer coordinator.

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The reason for their participation in this survey was to check whether the LMD system affects them either positively or negatively and why in both cases. Collaborative for Technology Standards for School Administrators. A bad idea now sanctified. An assessment of well-being of principals in Flemish primary schools.


For teachers, it endorses improving their professional, pedagogical knowledge and skills. Are you satisfied with your linguistic capacities you acquired lmdd the LMD system?

Maykut and Morehousep. The government or the Algerian authorities started new relations with the Arab World English Journal www. Laboratory helps in developing scientific temper.

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 20, — ICT involves developing in the students and teachers the ability to continuously update themselves, to ascertain the kind of ICT suitable for the learning experience to be provided, and to use ICT to optimize the process of education. The result of such a policy is the professionalization of curricula giving more room to subjects that are directly linked to a given profession or job. School Effectiveness and School Improvement, 14, — It is our hope that teaching makes students adopt the outlook cognition from perceptual recognition to rational apprehension, and greatly leap from perceptual thinking to systm thinking; therefore, it is the major objective in teaching.

What are the teachers and students’ opinions about the contribution of the LMD system to teaching English as a foreign language EFL in Algerian aogeria, in particular, Mostaganem University? From the historical background, The Algerian society crossed several reforms, according to the socio-economic needs of systtem country as well as those of science and technology. The classical old system, i.


Higher education in Algeria | SPHERE

You were on strike for two months during What impact does the lm of classical system students from master studies have algerria you?

They must be given opportunities for acquisition of new knowledge. Besides, there was a serious disagreement between social demands, market demands and what the university produced. Rapid and continued globalization places pressure on Algeria as many countries to reform its higher educational system to improve the quality of university education as well as to offer training courses tailored, diversified and responsive.

The university sector comes right after compulsory education that takes place until the age of 16 offering different types of training to all baccalaureate-holders. For the students, it offers internationally recognized degrees and a profound acquisition of English.

They can offer a wide range of multimedia resources, opportunities for intensive one-to-one learning in language labs and resources for authentic materials, which can be motivating to both students and teachers.


If yes, in which sense? An LMD student is obliged to make more efforts than a classical student because of the nature of the system. EFL Teaching and Learning: The past, present and future of school improvement: However, the survey shows the absence of online assessments. The recurrent problem has always been that of the employability of degree-holders who very often ended up unemployed.

Given the role played by the university in the training of responsible executives at the service of our society, everything depends on the teacher. Educational technology refers to any teaching tool that helps supports learning, and given the rapid advancements in Information Technology and multimedia applications, the potential to support the teaching of foreign languages in Algerian universities is ever greater.

Most students were calling for the official integration of MA graduate students in the status of secondary school teachers, professional grade of 13 and Pedagogically speaking, the implementation of such a reform meant that training is highly student-centred their learning needs, profiles and even wishes.

Recent policy updates, major reforms and related news The most recent policy update is the so-called LMD launched in Click here to sign up.

However, fundamentals of computer knowledge were included in the curriculum. For the students, this can be used for making assignments, collecting data, documentation, and conducting research. Bouhadiba also argues that the failure of a time-based teaching program, no matter where it is implemented developing or more advanced societieslies in the way the teacher that he moves on to the next lesson or the next unit to be within the limits of the scheduled teaching program unlike the competency-based approach.

It also considers the impact of LMD benefits related to students.

This fact proved the malfunctioning of the old system implemented in the Algerian universities since the independence of this country.

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