an München schätzen. München ist zudem die sicherste Stadt in Deutschland .. mit an den Standort angepassten Vermietungskonzepten dem Markt sehr .. Industrie-/Logistikimmobilien / Industry/logistics properties. 4, the issue of corporate real estate in Germany for the first time.1 . Logistikimmobilien – Markt und Standorte Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz. CREDITS. Der Markt für Büro-, Industrie- und Gewerbeflächen in der Region Berlin. (Berlin: JLLS). Jones Lang LaSalle (), Logistikimmobilien-Report Deutschland . “Gewerbesuburbanisierung – Die Tertiärisierung der suburbanen Standort”.

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Due to restrictions for the settlement of new logistics properties and the given synergy effects, chemical parks will gain in importance in Germany. The research work presented in this article is based on evaluations and ongoing work of the Fraunhofer Center for applied research on Supply Chain Services SCS for the purpose of building knowledge, expertise and data on supply chain services. Data sets are compiled via monitoring and evaluating press releases and internet-based tender platforms, market reports of business development agencies and real estate brokers.

The development of logistics employment indicates that logistics activities in the chemical sector are frequently outsourced. For more than 20 years now, data has been gathered in exchange with logistics firms.

This is especially attributable to the port of Rotterdam being of significant importance for the European chemical industry. Some basic characteristics regarding the logistics needs of goods are fluidity, bulkiness, solidity, toxicity and fugacity, which decide about how goods are handled and transported, e.

Furthermore, through the combination of these items of data, ratios can be calculated and compared across different sectors. Therefore, company databases also display one or more secondary classification codes as a method to resolve such shortcomings.

But as a higher usage of LSPs will lead to an increase in efficiency and accordingly to reduced costs in the course of a growing global world trade, it might also lead to an increase in competitiveness of the German chemical industry. The third distance measure denotes the furthest distance to connect the countries. These chemical parks allow shipping companies to concentrate on own core competencies and to use cost intensive infrastructure like pipelines or rail connection in association with other shipping companies.


In addition, the affiliation is sometimes inadequate as many firms are active in different fields through a diversified setup. To set up a ranking, additional research needs to be carried out that encompasses the screening of business profiles, business reports, magazines and similar sources.

Thus, one statistical code might not be sufficient to classify such firms.

LOGICAL — Development of cloud computing platforms and tools for logistics hubs and communities

This top 10 list presents the demand side of the chemical logistics market for Germany as a result of a study conducted in with turnover information available for The deep integration of logistics in the manufacturing process is a reason why shipping companies operate logistics processes within their production plants by themselves.

From a German point of mrkt, the backload factors are 1. The database is also very suitable to evaluate logistics properties of an economic sector – to suggest its local hotspots and its site requirements.

Whereas the outsourcing degree of distribution processes within the chemical industry in Germany is already comparatively high, outsourcing in the field of highly complex and integrated logistics offers potential for future growth. While the amount of logistics personnel in the relevant manufacturing branches e. Furthermore, special conditions such as the storage and handling of hazardous goods and 24 hours operation time are fulfilled Veres-Homm et al.

Time and distance profiles for the mentioned trade lanes are displayed in table 1. As the world is developing towards service economies, a service perspective might gain in importance in supply chains that handle goods, just like the chemical industry.

The chemical industry might face shifts in its supply chain and business models as distance trade e-commerce grows in importance in nearly every industry. Robust supply chain network design with service level against disruptions and demand uncertainties: A complex range of produced goods requires a suitable logistics mix. Another requirement those workers have to meet is the technical maintenance of plants as logistics employees might take part in manufacturing processes to some extent Hardt et al.

A need for operational logistics activities exists when handling and lgistikimmobilien highly diverse materials chemicals, hazardous materials, liquids, etc.


As data from the Federal Employment Agency only considers employees who are subject to social insurance contributions, analyzing logistics employees encompasses some additional steps of analysis. Further ni clusters represent Hamburg as central inbound site for containerized goods from overseas, Halle in the middle of Germany and Burghausen in the South of Bavaria.

Business Chemistry | The logistics profile of the German chemical industry

If this form of production and mass customization gains in importance, the chemical industry might provide raw materials to equip deutshcland printers. The following approach is used in order to identify the most relevant demanders within a specific industry as surveying veutschland often does not result in a comprehensive list. The result is an index score for every German administrative district allowing conclusions regarding geographic logistics attractiveness Veres-Homm et al.

Primary research on this topic includes identifying logistics firms and deutschlannd their businesses by surveying those firms concerning their business size, business model and other relevant aspects like e. Apart from that, the purpose of this essay is to deliver approaches and basic quantitative data on the chemical industry and its logistics environment over time. Compared to locations outside of dedicated logistics parks, the construction of such settlements in dedicated logistics parks or commercial areas saves long and challenging approval processes to build up property that will be used for handling chemical goods.

Thus, supply chain planners need to take into account what the market and lovistikimmobilien need Fisher, and not only what the products and goods handled might need. Basic studies of Fraunhofer are addressing logistics market sizes, market segments, logistic service providers LSPslogistics employment, logistics locations, trade interconnections and future trends.

Figure 1 shows the products manufactured by the German chemical sector in the year Additive manufacturing is a technology on the rise.

An industry perspective, Supply Chain Management: Vermessung der Logistik in Deutschland.

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