Check out the excellent book of metal logos by Christophe Szpajdel available now!. Lord of the Logos: Designing the Metal Underground [Christophe Szpajdel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book is a collection of. Logos, emblems, symbols, illustrations, hand lettering icons and calligraphy for bands, individuals and corporate clients.

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To date he has created close to 10, individual logos, all painstakingly designed by hand using little more than a pencil, pen, A4 paper, a bright and quite place to work, and little or no visual reference.

New Logo and Identity for Juventus by Interbrand. Comspot is a rounded, typewriter-flavoured font family with a human touch. I must say that US dollars is a very affordable price but still high enough to deter small prospects or anyone looking for a free handout.

Lord of the Logos | Christophe Szpajdel | Extreme Metal Logo Artist

February 7, at 7: February 8, at I am in touch with different artists, local and international ones, as I am currently seeking advice. In an increasingly globalised christopne, some designs still stand out with unparalleled magnificence. I am looking to extend my skills onto full color projects but as they are costly, I would like to keep them occasional.

Assembly Bradford A place to make things and meet people. There is clearly a distinct visual language associated with these works. Tbe anybody ask for editable vector files in the computer or are they happy with the scans you provide?

Also, those Wolves in the Throne Room logos rule. Things are going to get heavy around here. After I started getting into bands like Opeth, Agalloch, Nile, etc.

Bradford, a once prosperous city in I spent ages looking at this guys work for research in my graphics class. It should also be noted that bands in this genre of music death metal, black metal, etc often reject the typical notions of branding, or even rebel against it. Does it appeal to you or is it a szpaudel to work with larger bands like Foo Fighters or, say, Metallica? February 21, at 7: Thanks to my buddy FultonI have a copy right by my side.


pf As a result, the amount of requests has decreased drastically. February 7, at 6: Being a metal guy I absolutely love this stuff, and the cryptic nature of these is almost a code among metal heads.

Transparencies in design Transparency is a powerful attribute in design, carrying a personality that can At the point I had to increase my rates to a minimum of dollars U. Do you think your approach is too extreme for their more mass-consumer appeal? Not to discriminate any client with a limited budget from coming to me for a logo but I do respect myself before everything; US dollars is a bargain for a piece of work that curistophe so much detail and is done completely freehand.

Now more than 20 years on, since the Emperor logo I drew in zspajdel international acclaim as a landmark to my name and career, I continued doing logos and it came to my mind the idea to charge royalties but then, I would imagine a lot of bands would cease using my logo and get something cheaper by one of their close buddies. In black metal particularly, there is an unsaid aesthetic representative of the scene; spikiness, illegibility, intricacy, macabre. New Logo for U.

Second Edition Designers, typographers, magazines, blogs and networks will One yhe the hardest working guys in the business. New Logo for Houseparty. New Logo for Bank of America cjristophe Lippincott.

The Little Black Font Book: February 9, at 6: February 7, at The approach was completely different than for my logos. Now logoos Production — and continued rocking logos as hard as possible. In April this year I also painted on a mural here in Exeter.


For logos, there are about hours a week going into it, alongside with 38 hours of my regular job as retail assistant. My process of executing logos has evolved tremendously.

Would make an awesome t-shirt. And so started with the Marks of Metal exhibit in Odense, Denmark.

Lord of the Logos, Christophe Szpajdel |

Yap its an amazing book, and a very slick production as well, givin the black metal design scene some respect! I am receiving a fair deal of messages like someone asking me for sketches; If they like the sketches, then they will ask szoajdel to do more and talk money.

Then I get one of my graphic designers I work with to convert scanned logos onto editable files or vector-formatting them. Some are beautiful while others are macabre. I would like to share some of the following logos:. Now it must be said that this style of logo is not for everyone.

Lord of the Logos, Christophe Szpajdel

The Type System JS1 is a modular display type system available in 5 weights 1, They have such a great reputation otherwise. Less clients means that I can spend more quality time around each customer. He makes posters and all kinds of cool stuff.

Now, I am calling on exhibition opportunities as they play a crucial role in showcasing the vast body of my work to newer audiences, attracting new types of audience that simply are eager on discovering some never seen before aesthetics in typography, calligraphy, graphic design and letter art.

There is such a competition with artists and illustrators from Asia or Eastern Europe that any band with a tight budget can get an excellent logo for as little as 20 dollars.

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