Lost Girls: Drake Chronicles, # – Alyxandra Harvey. This is the story of the Drake parents, Liam and Helena, from the end of the book. Lost Girls. About Liam and Helena, currently exclusive to the North American print version of “Bleeding Hearts”. It will be available in Eformat sometime this year. In chronological order, Full length novels in caps. Corsets and Crossbows. Lost Girls. #1 HEARTS AT STAKE/MY LOVE LIES BLEEDING. #2 BLOOD FEUD.

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Worse was how quickly Eloise accepted the Faery world. Buy from our partners. Apr 01, Joti rated it it was amazing.

This is the best vampire love stroy ive read in a long time and there glrls thing that Alyxander Harvey does with the characters that i never saw coming. Strahan does not want to give up his crown after serving for seven years, as tra Eloise always knew that her aunt Antonia had some problems that kept her out of touch for much of the year, but she did not realize that these problems stemmed from the fact that she was married to the Faery king, who is angry with her aunt and kidnaps Eloise to get back at her.

Alesha Thames rated it liked it Feb 25, Annotated by Lucy Hamilton – 3 stars Alyxandra Harvey has recently alyxandrx several novellas to go along with her Drake Chronicles series, they are all quick reads girlss available for a reasonable price via Amazon for the kindle. This book didn’t touch me in a way that makes me feel as if I have been sucked into the story.


But what starts out as a rescue mission harvej Eloise turns into them going to war against the Unseelie King to save Eloise’s aunt Antonia, who just happened to be the Unseelie wife.

This and alyxndra other reviews can be found at http: So, in short, I loved the romance. It was actually kind of hard for me to imagine Helena a,yxandra Liam outside their roles as parents. Helena became sucked into this and sees Liam Drake aka; Papa Drake in the crowd. Aug 20, Lauren Kathryn rated it it was ok. The characters are all very funny and very easy to like. Suhara rated it it was loxt Sep 14, Stolen Away is quite a spectacular tale of romance and adventure.

Again, Harvey gives us a strong female heroine to root for. So either he’s really good at hiding how he feels and it’s gonna come out later, or, more likely, he likes Jo”. I liked her well enough, but she’s not one of my favorite characters. It also gives us some background information on how wicked Lady Natasha is even back then.

Vampire Bites: A Taste of the Drake Chronicles

Full Review at Wintereading. A Field Guide to Vampires: I like Helena, but seeing her as a young girl makes me smile. I was hoping for a little bit of an epilogue. The only gitls who can break his stranglehold on the Faery court is his wife. Hqrvey for telling us about the problem. See 1 question about Stolen Away….

For not as pretty as I’d hoped. I really, really liked her. Jade Dawes rated it really liked it Feb 21, It made both protagonists feel very two dimensional. Jul 13, Freda added it.

Aber auch das war hier nicht der Fall. A Breath of Frost and Whisper the Dead. Natalie rated it liked it Alyxndra 14, I think my favorite love connection to read about was the one happening between Jo and Eldric.


Shelve My Love Lies Bleeding. These two best girl friends are hilarious, and their romances are an adventure in itself with the two gorgeous fae guys. Still, I enjoyed it but for the length and somewhat strange timeframe I give it only 3 stars, I wish she had alyxandga to make it when she was 18 because truthfully nothing “big” happened, and it claimed to show the “first” time they met but according to the book they had already met a few months prier For girps, this line: First, we have Eloise whom the book is about.

So straight away I think “O God, here we go.

Lost Girls (Drake Chronicles #) | Live. Laugh. Read.

Like Jo, Eloise had a romance, but hers was much briefer. It’s time they got away from it all. Jun 09, Bethe rated it liked it Shelves: Normal just went out the window. Feb 15, Mlpmom Book Reviewer rated it really liked it. With two perspectives come two romances. Brina’s Books I like to dream in color. Gitls I really need to explain?

Jo was, in my opinion, a better character than Eloise. Trivia About Vampire Bites: Sofia is part of a fight club, Thunderdome where the proprietor Grady organises fights between pretty, poor teenage girls to earn measly cash. But she never expected the assassin to be someone so glrls, and off-limits.

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