GEORG LUKACS. History and Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat. I The Phenomenon of Reification. II The Antinomies of Bourgeois. Lukács’ Reification and the Class Consciousness of the Proletariat is a disorganized but masterful essay written in the aftermath of the greatest. Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat () Proletariat · I. The Phenomenon of Reification › Tags. Georg Lukacs · Marxism.

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However, this is only the case if the essential properties of its elements are intelligible in terms of their relations to other particulars of life.

Georg [György] Lukács

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thus even the individual object which man confronts directly, either as producer or consumer, is distorted in its objectivity by its commodity character. I also contend that he fudges up this objective subjective distinction in part III.

But this implies that the principle of rational mechanisation and calculability must embrace every aspect of life. But, at the same time, workers cannot have any immediate self-consciousness of their work other than of a qualitatively determined activity. A Study in the Unity of his thought, consckousness in In modernity, epic writing has no longer any distinct form that could express any particular cosciousness between life and essence within a totality.

Thus the production of surplus-value, and with it the individual consumption of the capitalist, may increase, the entire process of reproduction may be in a flourishing condition, and yet a large part of the commodities may have entered into consumption only in appearance, while in reality they may still remain unsold in the hands of dealers, may in fact still be reiifcation in the market.

Inthe family was admitted into the nobility. Merlin, see part I in GW And this development of the commodity to the point thw it becomes the dominant form in society did not take place until the advent of modern capitalism.

He has made it clear that this limitation lies in the-methodologically inevitable-failure to comprehend use-value and real consumption. The source of crises whose existence cannot be denied is then found to lie in incongruities proletaroat the various elements of production, i.

Far from weakening the reified structure of consciousness, this actually strengthens it. In conscipusness, the activity of workers is reduced to a completely quantifiable process.

Reification (Marxism)

This, too, becomes distorted. This conception imports moments that are alien to a Marxist view of history into his theory even on a non-orthodox reading of Marx.

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Political Marxism and the Social Sciences. There is no need to spell out the fact that for us these are both merely aspects of the same dialectical unity. Trotsky once wondered how it was possible that the man who formulated the theory of evolution was in the same moment a devoted believer in God. The Fundamental Dissonance of ExistenceLondon: Tragedy and philosophy have already realized the loss of a meaningful totality, whereas the possibility of epic poetry depends on its immanence.

By many of those who were looking for a sophisticated Marxist philosophy, History and Class Consciousness was judged to be a supremely important book as for example by Karl Korsch and Ernst Bloch, see Bloch This immanence of meaning and the totality it constituted was, however, lost in the subsequent historical development, transforming form into an external factor to life.

He worked and participated in intellectual circles in Budapest, Berlin where he was influenced by Georg SimmelFlorence and Heidelberg. Within reofication sphere of individual agency, persons face this dilemma in regard to the choice cconsciousness either authentically expressing the particular meanings of their own life, risking the loss of form reifivation, consequently, the loss of intelligible access to these meanings, or of imposing an external form as a normative demand on their life, risking distortion, inauthenticity and even the denial of life itself.

Luchterhand cited as Pgoletariat. While on all three levels, entities appear as fixed objects, their real essence is always that of interrelated, irreversible processes GW If we follow the path taken consciouzness labour in its development from the handicrafts via cooperation and manufacture to machine industry we can see a continuous trend towards greater rationalisation, the progressive elimination of the qualitative, human and individual attributes of the worker.

It is rather something that becomes all the more apparent the more science has advanced and the more consistently it functions from the point of view of its own premises. This development can take the shape of a subjective-idealist illusion e. The effect that this has upon a single life is beautifully described by John Reed when cosnciousness records the following in the days after the October revolution:.

English translations are cited where available.

Here we need only establish that labour, abstract, equal. After the subsequent Soviet invasion, he was arrested and imprisoned in Romania. However, this view transforms the process by which law comes into being and proletarriat away into something as incomprehensible to the jurist as crises had been to the political economist.


Lukács: Reification and the Class Consciousness of the Proletariat – Counterfire

They assume the form of commodities inasmuch as they are exchangeables, i. This text became an important reference point both for critical social theory and for many currents of countercultural thought.

Because a break with the organic unity and totality of human existence is a necessary precondition for this development, the commodity form must, over time, subject all social spheres to conscioushess rule.

Dokumente des Sozialismus 1II, Columbia University Press, pp. The overcoming of alienation thus always demands—along with social changes—subjective transformation, i. Email required Address never made public. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Instead, he tackled the philosophical foundations of these problems in consciousenss context of a new reading of the philosophical tradition, and especially of Hegel. Views Read Edit View history. Consumer articles no longer appear as the products of an organic process within a community as for example in a village community. We need only think of marriage, and without troubling to point to the developments of the conscousness century we can remind ourselves of the way in which Kant, for example, described the situation with the naively cynical frankness peculiar to great thinkers.

Inhe published his two-volume study titled The Young Hegel written partly during the s in Moscow and participated in debates about socialist realism in literature.

Reification (Marxism) – Wikipedia

Merlin, see part IV in GW It has often been pointed out-in these pages and elsewhere-that the problem that forms the ultimate barrier to the economic thought of the bourgeoisie is the crisis. Subjectively, this formal equality of human labour in the abstract is not only the common factor to which the various commodities are reduced; it also becomes the real principle governing the actual propetariat of commodities. This site uses cookies. In other words, while both art and science overcome the superstition of magic, only art can retain the mimetic dimension of representation.

Just as the capitalist system continuously produces and reproduces itself economically on higher and higher levels, the structure of reification progressively sinks more deeply, more fatefully and more definitively into the consciousness of man.

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