Luxuria Eve Berlin. 4 likes. Book. Luxuria Eve Berlin. Privacy · Terms. About. Luxuria Eve Berlin. Book. 4 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up . Luxuria (Em Portugues do Brasil) [Eve Berlin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. SE VOCE NAO FOR AO LIMITE, COMO SABERA ATE. Opinião Erótica: “De Olhos Fechados” de Eve Berlin. janeiro 08, Inês Santos 0 Comments. Opinião da Mafi aqui. Tal como qualquer livro erótico há.

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If you are curious about the genre, this is a great place to start.

There’s serious chemistry between them and as you can guess, it gets very hot. Dylan is thrilled herself to have met him. Hubo 2 escenas MUY fuertes pero el resto es bastante average.

There are a couple of sex scenes in front of others at the local fetish club. I particularly liked that Dylan and Alec are completely luxudia on by each other almost every waking hour. His tastes berpin into the bedroom as well, where he lets no rules bind h.


Quando achava que era hora de parar For me, there’s nothing more sensual than a man softly caressing a woman’s body. I’m up for anything with erotic books, in fact the more graphic and dirty the better If he cannot luxuriaa she is a submissive then he will let her dominate him!!


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Berlin has been added to my must-read-everything-written-by-her category. I was exceptionally surprised by this book. This is definitely in a league of it’s own and nothing like the evve in this genre. If you read BDSM, pick this one up. If Dylan can not prove to be submissive, then she can dominate Alec.

Luxuria (Edge, #1) by Eve Berlin

Her pain makes sex better for both of them. I particularly liked that Dylan and Alec are completely turned on by each other almost every waking hour. On to the next rant: Recommended to Taryn by: I enjoyed this book very much and the authors writing style. Great story, lovely writing, a real pleasure to read!!

Opinião Erótica: “De Olhos Fechados” de Eve Berlin | Algodão Doce para o Cérebro

Not sure if Eve Berlin has written anything else but will definitely read more by her! Little does Dylan know, after being with Alec once, her life will change irrevocably. The cover of this book caught my attention though and I was curious to find out more Oct 18, esmiucaolivro rated it really liked it. But thats not all, the conversations between the characters just dragged on brlin on and on, you could almos hear all of it spoken in monotone, and everything is examined so carefult, leaving no chance for imagination, for example when they speak luxuri their berlinn She was just kind of boring.

Alec is a thriller writer, but his career never comes into play. There was no interesting relationship development or interesting personality.


In the end, this is a summary discription of the book: Alec is more outgoing, has friends and is somewhat of an adrenaline junky. Todas las estrellas son para Alec. It is an absolutely satisfying ride.

This book definitely has its steamy moments, with a very dominant hero Alec. Every single insignificant detail is mentioned. Alec wants her to submit to him. Both characters undergo a beautiful transformation and have amazing sexual chemistry. But there has never been any compulsion to attempt a relationship, until now. If you take your contemporary romance with a lot of steam, you are going to love me for pointing you in the right direction.

Dylan is an erotic author who wants to explore ouxuria BDSM in her next book but feels she needs to ask a professional. Refresh and try again. There really wasn’t anything ground breaking as far as story telling but the growth that each person went through and their relationship growth was so well done.

In here, the lust prevails, as well as understanding. Personal lxuuria being the best teacher, Alex offers to instruct her on what it means to be Dominant and submissive.

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