Buy Madame Antoine – Season 1: Read 3 Movies & TV Reviews – Buy Madame Antoine – Season 1: Read 4 Movies & TV Reviews – Ko Hye-Rim (Han Ye-Seul) is a famous fortune-teller. She is known as “Madame Antoine” and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette, but that.

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Libeyr, she likes him, this much has been confirmed. But he retracts his subjective statement immediately and calmly explains that it will work because every individual has their own personal space which is only open to lovers and family.

Soo-hyun waits outside for her, having prepared a lovely fireplace and a romantic movie. Hye-rim gives him some good advice and Liberh tells her she gives good advice while gently tucking a strand of loose hair behind her ear.

The both of them just sit in silence, enjoying the movie. She finds it impossible that the same man can buy her flowers, and yet so apathetically ask about her date who stood her up.

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Even as he wrist grabs her, she feigns innocence, inviting him to search her — except if they find nothing, she will be calling the police in. Back at the clinic, Soo Hyun cracks his head trying to concoct a method to successfully seduce Hye Rim. They finally get the door open, only to find Hye Rim vacuming the floor, a pair of headphones plugged into her ears. People in a relationship live off the affection they have left for one another.

He goes as far to call her by her full name, citing that he uses banmal with all women.

Madame Antoine: Episode 3 Recap – Drunks on Drama

So methodological, this man. One More Happy Ending: I do not have the courage to meet you in person. Soo-hyun writes it as a child would have, about what book he read and what song he listened to.


She accuses her staff of being anti-fans and she begs the director to change her song by whining terribly. Libedy it instead, in his name.

As Soo Hyun tries to wipe the sauce away, they both freeze. Yoo Rim visits, and she primps herself up before settling beside Ji Ho. Heh, Soo Hyun narrowly avoids being caught as Seung Chan stomps away, and he steals his diary back to edit. Ju-ni arrives at the cafe and is immediately met with much fanfare. This raises the question on whether it is permissible to conduct scientific tests by toying with human emotions? She claims that she merely asked Hye-rim to make her lbiery new cup of coffee but Hye-rim started pulling her hair.

Even if such an experiment is conducted, can emotions whether the subject or agents really be distinct from scientific research? Seung-chan has a little talk with Soo-hyun about his efforts for the experiment.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Hye Rim watches on, heavy-hearted, as she tells her daughter in voiceover:. She inhales with glee, though she accidentally smears the sauce on her lips.

It concludes with a hard truth for Ju Ni, she is forced to recognise her low self-esteem. Notify me of new posts via email. Not unlike a mother or an elder sister, she berates Ju Ni for being the attention seeker, for being disrespectful. I love this running gag. He also madae Seung-chan to book an appointment at the hospital for an intermediate testing.

And then he casually adds that he had a really good time with Hye-rim yesterday. They have lotsa fun fumbling and messing around the field till they both fall onto the dirt ground. As they reach Madame Antoine, she refuses to accept the shopping, explaining that she bought all those becuase she was curious to why he wanted to spend so much on her.


Madam dreamily rewatches Love Actually and decides to make herself a cuppa coffee. She takes a very long while to come to the door. I guess we can agree that out of the three guys, she treats one like a brother, one like a child and one like a man. All that stopped when he passed on before she could confess.

Her last straw is when Ju Amtoniego slaps her, and she freezes, holding back her anger.

I guess it looks like Seung Chan was always a younger sibling to Hye Rim then. He offers to cut the steak for her and she says that he seems like a good person.

That alerts Soo Hyun and Seung Chan, who are back from dinner and finding the anyoniego door locked. She suddenly starts straggling her neck and taking heavy breaths and eventually collapses on stage. Mi Ran heads to the clinic, and she gets bad news about the metastasis.

Ji Ho browses the photos he just took of her, wishing he had some videos too. Do you think that your mum can anotniego let everything go just to love one person? The true reason is her intention to snoop around for clues on the Cuckoo file.

That being said, I cannot wait for the real skinship to begin. So the fact that he questioned her about the concert was a major giveaway. They return to the cafe, and meet Soo Hyun just as he walks down from the clinic, which ahaha, results in Hye Rim teasing him, adding the number 6 into every part of her sentence.

Ji Ho chuckles at the romance idiot, and dashes downstairs because he should grab the opportunity when it comes, HAH.

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