Isis Unveiled: Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition, Madame Blavatsky’s First Work [H P Blavatsky, Michael Gomes] on *FREE* shipping on. Isis Unveiled has ratings and 36 reviews. The said: Blavatsky dear occultist, was a genius and the fact that she wrote so brilliantly in Engl. Isis Unveiled is a master key to the mysteries of ancient and modern science and theology. With the help of this book you will be able to make sense of how so.

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About this I cannot venture an opinion, for I never observed her in this state….

She had a profound knowledge of everything apparently, and her method of work was most unusual. Odd, rambling book that has interesting thoughts but to me didn’t have isiss clear message. Mary rated it liked it Jan 25, Read unveileed her here: She uplifts certain passages, words that symbolize the forgotten roots.

One Somebody would always be willing to emphasize his philosophical or scientific explanation of the subjects I was to write upon, by doing phenomena for my edification; while to another Somebody I dared not even mention them.

Headquarters at Adyar] he wore on his head, flung it to me, and — was gone. She states unceiled in numbered order as follows:. And even this with the help of my Guru and Teacher who helps me in everything.

Isis Unveiled is argued by many modern scholars such as Bruce F.

“Isis Unveiled”: H.P. Blavatsky’s First Book

It is difficult to grow unveiledd of the Blavatsky’s arrogance and abrasive tone but it is more difficult not to admire her erudition. The chapter follows with a recapitulation of the principles of natural law, covered by the fundamental propositions of the Oriental philosophy as successively elucidated in the course of the work. Whereas the Adept actively controls himself and all inferior potencies, the Medium blavstsky the passive madae of foreign influences.


Specifically, the few and—according to many—ambiguous statements on reincarnation as well as the threefold conception of man as body, soul and spirit of Isis Unveiled stand in contrast to the elaborate and definite conception of reincarnation as well as the sevenfold conception of man in The Secret Doctrine Want to Read saving….

The Extraordinary Story behind Isis Unveiled – T H E O S O P H Y

Veronica Dodd rated it it was amazing Apr 05, Notify me of new comments via email. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What was originally a teaching depending on knowledge and inspiration degenerated in time into mere dogmas and speculations; what was originally a Teacher of primeval truths became in time an object of veneration and worship as a god or a divine incarnation.


All before the Internet. Her manuscript demonstrates a number of variations in style and in her handwriting. I have spoken of the part of Isis that was done by H. There is no miracle. She came into a world all mad and intent on the employment as food and medicaments of the very poisons and intoxicants of the soul that have wrecked every prior great civilization.

It would be fairly safe to say that there is no other work in the English language to compare with it. She had another collaborator; although not a Master bllavatsky the Wisdom, of whom Olcott writes: The calculations of the ancients applied equally to the spiritual progress of humanity as to the physical.


Physical science has already reached its limits of exploration; dogmatic theology sees the springs of its inspiration dry. He cannot control the immortal spirit of any human being, living or dead, for all such spirits are alike sparks of the Divine Essence, and not subject to any foreign domination. Had to reach for the dictionary more than a few times with this as the target audience was probably Victorian intellectuals.

This is all summarized in proposition. Blavatsky’s knowledge of religious minutia is immense and her assertions will challenge the way you look at the world. Upon my word, sometimes it seems to me that the ancient Goddess of Beauty in person mmadame me through all the countries of past centuries which I have to describe.

Isis Unveiled

The door had made no noise in opening, if it had opened, but at any rate there he was. This is perfectly comprehensible, for how could H.

Matthew Faulkerson rated it liked it Apr 20, The cycle has almost run its course; a new one is about to begin, and the future pages of history may contain full evidence, and convey full proof that.

When I wrote IsisI wrote it so easily that it was actually no labour, but a real pleasure.

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