Training for Endurance [Philip Maffetone] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Read reviews. “The most common cause of reduced aerobic function is anaerobic training, and/ or too much racing. “ Dr. Philip Maffetone, The Big Book of Endurance Training. Dr. Phil Maffetone. Dr. Philip Maffetone is an applied kinesiologist who has been in private practice since He’s an authority on alternative medicine, has a.

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March 11, at 9: Phil Maffetonean endurance expert and someone who developed many of the protocols used today in aerobic training, including the Maffetone Method.

In this March 2, free audio mqffetone Thanks for another great podcast and for answering my call in question Ben! May 31, at 7: I used Phil’s approach to training for many years when I first started triathlon.

An interview with Phil Maffetone

Learn more at PhilMaffetone. During our discussion, Phil answers the following questions:. Yes, hook me up! Brand new — get insider VIP tips and discounts from Ben — conveniently delivered directly to your phone! Your email address will not be published. However, most programs that I have seen will then take this aerobic training heart rate and use it for nearly all the training, emdurance requires many, many hours of training to get the same effect as the HIIT.


March endurane, at 7: Here are my own MAF test results. Keep up the good work! Eliminate fatigue and unlock the secrets of low-carb success.

May 14, at 9: Hi Ben — I dig the show at a consummable length — one hour for me. March 4, at 4: May 14, at 2: Primarily, what I touched on was the higher omega 3 fatty acid content and CLA content of grassfed beef.

Armi has a call in question about boiling fat off meat. I have no problems with your special announcements or broadcasting testimonials. When you have a healthier aerobic system, the body is meant to deal with stress. Also, we talked again about the benefits of grass-fed beef and the importance of fat.

What does this number represent? Just click here to go to our iTunes page and leave feedback. Maffetone spent years coming up with a heart rate formula minus your age. May 14, at 5: Going up hill is easier on your body and forces you to put out more power when running.

March ejdurance, at In this week’s interview, I speak with Dr. There is some data suggesting that Pork may not be the “cleanest” meat to eat, but that is a discussion for another day. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As far as the length of the podcast, I have no issue’s with longer episodes, It always sucks to have to stop running and find a new podcast on my ipod before I have even reached my turn around point during my daily runs.


What I do is a super easy three mile warm up followed by 5 miles on the maffeone track at beats per minute. The third is to eliminate sugar and other refined carbs from your diet.

Episode #135: Interview With Health & Endurance Expert Dr. Phil Maffetone

Stay tuned for the answers, coming this Monday…. May 31, at 8: March 7, at 6: Just downloaded the iPhone app looks great! March 8, at 8: Thanks for your efforts. Going primal frees you from carbohydrate dependency and turns you into a fat burning beast! Maffetone sndurance advised some of the greatest endurance athletes in history, like triathlon champions Mike Pigg and Mark Allen. Haven’t heard a podcast yet that didn’t contain at least 3 questions I wanted answers to…until this last one when you cut down the number.

Ask Ben a Podcast Endurande. Unfortunately, I have drive a lot, but you are with me most of the time did not want to sound creepy. While sometimes the podcasts are long, it’s better that way and people can just fast-forward if they so wish.

Thanks for a great podcast!

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