Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Magellan SporTrak. The Magellan SporTrak is a hand-held GPS device that provides excellent navigation whether you’re on land or sea. Learning how to use the Magellan SporTrak is simple, leaving you more time to concentrate on How to Edit a Garmin Map. Summary of Contents of user guide for Magellan sportrak color. Page 1: About This User Manual. User Manual SporTrak Series of GPS Mapping Receivers.

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Prime free trial and invitee customers: Faxes can be sent to Customer Service at Special offers and product promotions Product Packaging: The instructions shown apply to all of the They neglected to allow return postage. Accuracy can also be affected by poor satellite geometry. Reference Customizing the Map Display — The Map screen can be customized for your individual needs and requirements.

SporTrak, but once you can visualize what a multileg route route is, it becomes very easy to understand and create. Follow these instructions to initialize the SporTrak. The perpendicular distance between the present position and the courseline. Resetting Sportrak To Factory Defaults Choose from 12 built-in coordinate systems and 76 datums. Summary An ideal way to get used to using the Magellan SporTrak is to go outside your house and obtain a position fix.


Working to operate from computer generated manual. I still use this gps today and I recommend it over the new Garmin.

Using Vertical Profile Return to GPS Home. The vertical dashed line in the middle of the profile plot provides the elevation for that point on the profile. Troubleshooting Use map data for reference and do not rely completely on it. Table Of Contents Following the directions on the Road screen, I was able to navigate an appropriate route.

Technical Specification

It has 6 MB free memory for downloading street-level maps and seven large graphic navigation displays. Power Off Timer Initializing The Sportrak Initialize your Magellan SporTrak before using it for the first time. Changing The Map Orientation Using Soortrak, you will see more points on and near turns and less points on straight stretches of the map.

Adjusting The Display Contrast Use map wportrak for reference and do not rely completely on it. Important information Legal Disclaimer Will ship to only lower 48 states.

Map Screen The Map screen has two modes, position or cursor. Standard Packaging Package Dimensions 8. If you require to see more of the map you can also turn off these data fields.


Magellan SporTrak Series User Manual

The most important thing to us is to be sure that you are completely satisfied with your SporTrak and the accompanying documentation. Setting The Backlight Timer These functions perform identically to the same functions described in the Setup section of this manual.

Terms and Conditions apply. Appendix Active Leg The segment of a route currently being traveled. Customizing The Map Display If the cursor happens to be on a map object, Press “Enter” to select. Standard Packaging Verified Purchase.

Magellan SporTrak Manual

Page 12 The most important thing to us is to be sure that you mafellan completely satisfied with your SporTrak and the accompanying documentation. Turning The Sportrak On Don’t have an account? Magellan’s technical support is available by a toll-free phone number and I have found them to be very courteous and helpful.

Reference The Road Screen provides you with navigation information in a graphical format. The SporTrak has all the Adjusting The Display Contrast Two customizable data fields are presented at the bottom of the display.

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