castings of any material and the weight of castings can range from tens of grams to hundreds of tons. Cast materials capable of sand casting are plain carbon. inclusion of tutorials and sophisticated examples. Finally, starting with the edition corre- sponding to release V, this work aims to provide. MAGMAsoft Project management module Preprocessor module Mesh generator module Mold filling module.

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If, for example, you wish to know how to add a cylindrical feeder to your casting geometry or wish to view the results of your simulation from all angles, you will find the corresponding information in this manual. It can be combined with other programs, e. The view will be loaded again, and the pictures appear. Project administration Modeling of the geometry Mesh generation Part one, Ch. We recommend to always use the local installation of the respective browser if you invoke online help.


magmasfot A table appears containing the main online help topics. In other documents, reference to basic functions described in this manual is not provided in all cases; we expect you to know the full contents of the manual.

Please note the following: Example of an input field 2 If an ‘ok’ button exists in the window, you must press this button using the mouse in order to store your input and quit the window as in Fig.

The manual focuses mainly on the description of the program’s functionality, whereas the tutorial illustrates these functions. Shortened form in the text Detailed description “Confirm the input with ‘ok'” or Move the mouse pointer on the butsimilar ton labeled with ‘ok’ and confirm the selection by clicking the left mouse button.

There is an interface for importing already existing geometry data. Its structure follows that of the manual. Move the mouse pointer on the input field and press the left mouse button. An exception is the user input in input fields, which you must always perform via the keyboard. Autonomous optimization of cooling system layout for thermal balance in permanent molds. The software can be applied for optimized process robustness and part quality from conceptual to final component design, during the tooling layout and prototyping, all the way through to the production and heat treatment processes.


This indicates that the function activated before is deactivated again. The mouse symbol marks the beginning of a section where the application of the mouse is explained in order to execute a function.

It is equipped with a detailed index Part two, Ch. If you want to invoke online help not specifically related to the currently active window, please choose ‘Contents’ from the ‘help’ menu of the main interface. Using numerical simulation, the filling and solidification processes within your casting system are calculated. Example of an input field 1 Unit Proceed as follows if you want to enter data into an input field: Assessment of the thermal balance in tooling.

The entire casting process from the filling of the melt into the mold tutoial to solidification and subsequent feeding is available as a sound physical calculation model for all casting methods and materials. The graphical presentation of results on the screen is the third essential feature. The symbol of the keyboard marks the beginning of a section magmwsoft explains the execution of a function via keyboard commands.

Integrated parametric gating and risering design. Casting is the production process for the future because the pouring of liquid metal into a mold gives the designer the shortest possible route from the starting material to the final product.

You can easily change the casting geometry casting, position of the feeders, cores, etc. Expensive reject castings are avoided, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed from the very beginning of production.


If you choose a yellow box again, it will turn to gray. Consequently utilizing the methodology of virtual Design of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization, robust process parameters and optimized casting layouts can be established for all cast materials and processes including heat treatment and melt metallurgy — efficiently and comprehensively at the same time.

Use the indices and the tables of contents, which are supplied with every document, and the Reference Guide in order to get quick help for specific topics tutoriap terms. At the same time it offers the highest degree of freedom in modifying designs and choosing materials.

Autonomous transfer of the flow pattern from single to multiple cavity dies. It may again contain references to further text sub-topics. This is an abso?

Inverse determination of process parameters and material properties. Little square boxes labeled with a ‘D’. It can be integrated into an existing Magmaslft environment.


Prediction of sand burn-on and penetration. This document is magmawoft interest mainly for those users who have worked with earlier MAG? Inform our Customer Support Department in advance. In some cases you must invoke a menu in order to store the input. Entering data into input fields using the keyboard.

Casting has developed from a form of art to a high tech production process.

Do not use backslashes. Please refer also to Ch.

You have to click on these buttons repeatedly to activate the option you want example: Make sure that all materials and heat transfer coefficients used within the project are taken from the project database ‘Project’.

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