What we witness today is a kind of political Buddhism trying to promote the interests of the Sinhala-Buddhist people, rather than religion. A Concise Sinhala Mahavamsa has 4 ratings and 2 reviews. Jonathan said: The key rule when translating is to use a translator to translate into their nati. Old-Sinhalese prose, probably mingled with verse in the Pali language. 2. reign the Dipavamsa as well as the Mahavamsa comes to an end. 4. Of this work .

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I am referring to a comment made by Mr.

There is no record of the doctrine the Gautama Buddha preached to the Yakkas. There are several parts to Mahavamsa, the first of which ended with chapter 37 and King Mahasena.

It has been trying to minimize the South Indian component of the Lankan culture, adopting an anti-Tamil attitude and trying to maximize on an imaginary North Indian component of Lankan culture.

Two viharas existed on Sigiriya even before the time of Kassapa 1 and they were named the Dalha and the Dathakondanna respectively. The communist mind is basically a capitalist mind; the capitalist mind is basically a communist mind. Continuously, day and night, he is thinking about food magavamsa sex — one has to get free.

The Sinhala (Mahavamsa) Buddhism Revisited

Various writers have called into question the morality of the account given in the Mahavamsawhere Dutugamunu regrets his actions in killing Ellalan [ citation needed ] and his troops.


Coming of Vijaya He learns that he has a body separate from other bodies. Further studies would be necessary because it is extremely difficult to differentiate a canine tooth of similar species of animals. Are you going to tell people to give away the jewelery they have to treat the poor?

The Sinhala (Mahavamsa) Buddhism Revisited – Sri Lanka Guardian

Either the child is accepted — then he feels good, then he is ready to do anything the parents want; or, if again and again he is frustrated, then he starts thinking in terms of: To ascertain whether the description in the Mahavamsa has any basis, one has to study the life of the Gautama Buddha, as revealed in the Pali Canon.

You will have to find it and work it out. This has been further established by findings relating to their culture, language and religion which show that the people of these two regions were closely connected. Every country has a culture of its own and by no means is it always fair or right.

Ilankai Tamil Sangam

The ego dies by you accepting what you are. And if it leads to misery, then you know well that it was ego. At a time when the LTTE Tamil terrorist rump in the west are fighting to separate themselves from a unified, one nation Sri Lanka, have you been approached by them to write anti Sinhalese Buddhist garbage gibberish to appease them, with their financial solicitations?

What a joker you are? That is not the observation of Buddhas down the ages. What we witness today is a kind of political Buddhists trying to promote their interest rather than Buddhism as a path for personal salvation.


The child is born with a Self, but unaware. Whenever you are in love, in compassion, it is not there. Historic photographs of Sri Lanka. You do not have the integrity to admit it and is now attempting to mount a challenge.

The Mahavamsa – Great Chronicle – History of Sri Lanka – Mahawansa

But now I know better. In the Kevaddha Sutta, The Gautama Buddha says, He dislikes, rejects and despises the miracles of psychic power and miracle of telepathy.

It finds it very easy, it is always ready to surrender. The whole life he had been repressing. You are then the only one who becomes unhappy, not me. Nature mahxvamsa wonderful, nature is beautiful, but you have to work it out.

The Thirteen Kings Only a perfect ego has the capacity to disappear, not an imperfect ego. So, where is Buddhism in that? If this is understood then things mahavqmsa very clear.

And if you struggle with an unripe ego to destroy and dissolve it, the whole effort is going to be a failure.

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