As it marks the 50th anniversary since its conception, Geberit Mapress is today But it wasn’t until the German corporation Mannesmann AG acquired the rights. In the newly established. Mannesmann Pressfitting GmbH. (Mapress) in Langenfeld began manu- facturing and marketing steel pressfit- tings and pipes. Tech Bulletin – Insulation of press fittings (e.g. Mannesmann mapress) with AF/Armaflex (alias). Internet FAQ. Hide details for Categories Categories.

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The weld seam therefore has to meet Geberit’s stringent quality demands. Mechanical strength Wide range of applications The coordinated components lend the system a very high load bearing capacity. Pressing maprese not only straightforward, but also fast — in fact, it’s around twice as mannesmahn as welding or soldering.

Using compatible adapters, the two piping systems can even be easily connected to one another. Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel system pipe, outside zinc-plated Ideal for economical installations Non-alloy steel 1. This recognition feature prevents harm later during operation. Thank you for your vote! Did you find what you’re looking for?

Geberit worldwide Please select your region. The supply system can be processed quickly and reliably without soldering eliminating the risk of hot works. Our extensive works standard, which goes beyond the required standards, is the reason for this safety: The pressing indicator can be simply removed manually after the correct pressing operation.


This site uses cookies. The weld seams are smoothed by a mechanical finishing treatment for optimum flow behaviour and a perfectly positioned seal ring.

Mannesmann Mapress brand information This brand was visited by 20 users in the last 30 days. The Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel system pipes are available in two designs — with a cream plastic jacketing made of PP or with an outside zinc plating. Due to its special contours, unpressed connections leak during the pressure test. The colour of the protection plug also identifies the application. The different O-rings and pipe sizes available make Geberit Mapress the right choice for an extremely wide range of applications.

The blue colour of the pressing indicator on the fitting enables clear identification of the material. Fifty years after the pressfitting concept came into being, it is now fast becoming the preferred option for plumbers and heating engineers up and down the land.

A special thermal treatment ensures the desired homogenous material structure and thereby mzpress optimum pressing operation. This prevents failed pressing sequences and ensures reliable and durable connections. Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel, accessories Insulations for connectors Caulks for pipes and fittings Pipe fastenings Connector fastenings System seals Sets of bolts for flange connections.

Celebrating 50 years of Mapress – the evolving pressfitting innovation

Careers Geberit as employers What we offer Job market. The strength and tightness of the press connection is achieved by cold deformation of the copper pipe and Geberit Mapress Copper fitting. Simple connection Napress jaw guide for safety The defined jaw guide on the Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel fitting ensures that the pressing jaw is positioned in exactly the right position. Spheroidisation of the Geberit Mapress seal ring For permanent fixture and a high level of safety During the pressing procedure, the seal ring is given a pre-defined shape by the pressing jaw of the Geberit Mapress pressing tools.


The all-rounder Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel is a highly effective supply system and can be used for a range of diverse applications.

Mechanical strength Wide range of applications The coordinated mannrsmann lend the system a high load bearing capacity. The red colour of the pressing indicator on the fitting enables clear identification of the material.

Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel

Additional safety Detecting unpressed fittings The Geberit Mapress seal ring provides the pressing indicator with additional safety. Maritime valves, remote controlled valves, pipes, fittings and parts for maritime use.

The Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel sockets are sealed with a plug that protects the sockets at the building site from dust and dirt. Mechanical strength Wide mannfsmann of applications The coordinated components lend the system a very high load bearing capacity. Geberit recommends using copper pipe in accordance with EN The pressing procedure itself is fast and simple:

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