Giacomo Puccini’s third opera, with libretto by Luigi Illica, Giuseppe Giacosa and Marco Praga, based on L’Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon. Libretto Manon Lescaut. [primo interprete, sesso]. Manon. Lescaut [ ♀ ]. soprano [ Cesira Ferrani, ♀ ]. Lescaut. sergente delle guardie del re [ ♂ ]. baritono. (Lescaut): In quelle trine morbide (Manon): Madrigale (mezzo-soprano, chorus): L’ora, o Tirsi, è vaga e bella (Manon): Ah! Manon, mi tradisce (des Grieux).

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The despairing Des Grieux holds on to his beloved and finally manages to persuade the captain to hire him and take him to Louisiana.

Your slave and victim, I descend the ladder of shame. Perhaps for some unattainable lady a sharp pang of love pierces you? Manon gli manda un bacio e si ritira dalla finestra. Even in exile, Manon is unable to give up her depraved life. Some are seated at the tables outside the Inn, drinking and gambling.

I tremble at a peril I do not know. Lirbetto, we must go! Geronte reappears and seeing Lescaut engrossed in the game calls the innkeeper. Vi pigliate il mio sangue — la vita! If I am wrong, be fair and tell me so! Disperato mi vince un senso di sventura, un senso di tenebre e di paura!


We must fly at once! Lescaut si lascia cadere su di una sedia.

Manon Lescaut – Manon Lescaut

Now, you laughing girls made for love, surrender your hearts. However, the captain of the ship sees his intense grief des Grieux: She walks among them, pale and sad. There the magic splendour of these rooms flashed in my mind. They cross the square.

The sergeant calls the names from a list, the women, in turn, cross to where the marines stand while the Commander enters the names in a register. Messa di Gloria Edmondo overhears the plan and informs des Grieux Edmondo: To the left, the corner of a barracks with a barred window on the front.

Take my blood — my life! Squilla la cornetta del postiglione. O gentil cavaliere, o vaga signorina, arrivederci — e presto! Andiam da Des Grieux! Your erstwhile sweetheart awaits your revenge. Il parrucchiere fa un cenno ai suoi garzoni ed esce. Vi prego, signorina [minuet] ; Manon, Geronte, chorus: The vilest disgrace brings me nearer to you!

Manon Lescaut – Puccini Museum

Trembling divinely, in ardent abandon sweet and tender like the charm of your caress; always some lescwut ecstasy; then, suddenly, overcome, dazzled by the glitter of the gilded life! Des Grieux cautamente si avvicina a Manon cercando di nascondersi dietro di lei.


On the libretfo is a house and a narrow street with lesccaut oil lamp burning dimly at the corner. The Opera Lover’s Companion. MANON collecting more jewels and hiding them under her cloak It would be foolish to leave these gold trinkets, O my treasures, o my treasures! He then decides to take Manon and flee with her to Paris, taking over the carriage that Geront has hired. Oltre ti spingi e con lieta favella, lieta novella poi vieni a recar!

What a fine couple! What a fine collection!

My sweet lover, come closer to me! A sergeant and two archers appear from the alcove while Geronte and a squad of soldiers enter through the door. Others court the girls at maanon entrance to the avenue.

Of that tragedy, or rather farce, I know nothing!

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