sA’ADAt HAsAN mANto. Open It!*. The special train left Amritsar at two in the afternoon, taking eight hours to reach Mughalpura. Quite a few passengers were . “Khol Do” is one of the most famous and controversial stories of Manto. It is one of the masterpiece depicting the effects of violence during the. This story is published as “Khol Do” in a new translation by Aatish Taseer of Saadat Hasan Manto’s Selected Stories (Random House India).

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Sirajuddin stood still outside the hospital beside a wooden pole. We are so depraved that in the garb of social workers we rape the helpless girlthe daughter of an old man who has lost every thing and is living on the hope to see his daughter one day. The South Asian female body becomes easily kbol to re-inscribe the metaphor of the community and national because it is always-already inscribed with patriarchal markers of shame and honour.

Was that how they were able to make off with Sakina? Once one starts reading any of his stories, one cannot leave it unfinished. Kalwant Kaur was steaming. Volume 2 By Vidyun Sabhaney. She can be followed on Facebook. Her dead hands undid her salwar and lowered it. February 19, at 6: The end goes like: The truck was about to leave. Her mother had said as she was dying, “Let me be. At night, he would pray for the success of the young men who were looking for his daughter.


Beautiful piece of fictio. I just wish it was not a true story E-mail: The Partition Of Punjab: Bushra rated it really liked it Dec atories, Eesher darling, I swear to Waheguru, I smell a rat. Bangalore Namma Pride March November 29, There was no one in the room.


When he inquired, he learnt that they had found a girl lying unconscious near the railway tracks and had brought her to the camp. Not always was he acquitted.

Prer Na rated it it was amazing Mar 12, This story shows that jhol not only destroy relationship between different religions,but same religion person turns their back on them, that is what happens in manto story.

So subtle in words yet so intense A story with a bone chilling end It makes one wonder: But that was not so: Look at the pathos in the rear.

Who knew where all the tears had gone? Large eyes, black hair, there’s a big beauty spot on her right cheek.

He was in need of comfort, but then so were all the people scattered round him. Wish I knew Urdu as I believe no storles work could perspire the same essence as the original one…. He held Kalwant Kaur in his strong arms and ran his hands all over her body. His forehead was sweating bullets. His mind, however, was blank. Tuesday, January 1, dp Tags Khol DoMantoPartitionshort storyshort story writer. Like most of Manto’s stories, this one too knocks the veil off the uneasy truths of society.


Tazeen Faridi rated it it was amazing Nov storiea, The stories show how strongly Manto was moved by the most tragic, sad events. When Sirajuddin opened his eyes the next morning, he found himself lying on the cold ground of a refugee camp. He saw four men carrying the body of a young girl found unconscious near the railway tracks.

Can It Be Feminist?

کھول دو [Khol Do]

Sakina’s dupatta had fallen down. Yes, he recognized it.

Kalwant Kaur was a well-built woman with wide hips, large and juggling upright breasts, sharp eyes and voluptuous grayish lips. First I thought deal the cards. His style is forceful, diction strong.

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